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  1. Shit, that's why all my suicide attempts just result in clean hands.

  2. Stopping suicides one Reddit joke at a time

  3. actually i think my worst google search ever was "how much does kendall jenner weigh"

  4. I don’t care for the branding but I have a few of their sweatshirt/shirts and a pair of shorts. They are very comfy y’all. They’ve become something I wear every week. But, I still don’t know what the hell the paragraphs on them say, the cursive is too hard to see.

  5. Hahaha some of their stuff had an entire manifesto typed out in it😂

  6. I guess that makes me the most low effort member of the cult 😂

  7. The fuck is "ripe" supposed to mean??? Was he in top condition and would be the tastiest at that point or smth?

  8. Glaring flaw with the KK Fit app. There’s no trial or even a chance to tour the app before you pay up for it. You just go straight to a payment screen and you hope it’s good. Who would pay for something when they don’t know what it is? Wasn’t sure if this was typical for influencer apps but any professionally done app would have a free trial period.

  9. They’re banking on hardcore KK fans not even thinking twice.

  10. Yeah, there are two rounds of voting. The nominee round, and then once the 5 (or 6) nominees are set, the jury casts another ballot, picking their top choice out of the nominees -- just as the fans do. Then these votes are blended together to figure out the winning title.

  11. Reminds me of another religion that gets to reset the slate clean every Sunday, so that they can continue to terrorize their local waitress immediately after.

  12. Is it a trend now to make the upper lip more prominent or did her injector mess up?

  13. still hoping this filler trend dies down...not a fan. not judging ..just feel like people get dysmorphia with it ..and think they keep needing more and more

  14. It also stems from bad injectors. A good injector won’t give you more than what will balance your natural features.

  15. Can we all agree to stop posting about being horny on your social media unless you’re an actual SW. Even SW I know don’t post talking about being horny directly.

  16. He is heavily heavily mentally ill. And clearly not medicated. He could be going through a state of delusional mania.

  17. That is just wholesome. Squirrel wanted to show gratitude, so he gave from his not very big treasury. That squirrel has given alot.

  18. Yes. But it’s less intense and doesn’t last as long. It used to be multiple weeks of not being able to do anything. Now it’s a week at most of it being a struggle but not impossible.

  19. At this point there are so many apps and every workout is basically the same on them. I’m just going to start choosing based on who’s voice I hate less.

  20. I’ll take anything if it makes me feel something inside.

  21. And thus the crappiest season of American Horror Stories begins.

  22. I wear fake nails and boy was I surprised when I took my nails off and saw it lol

  23. Oh…oh no… I have a huge deep ripple in my thumb nail… it’s grown out and the ripple stopped but is that really where it starts ??😨

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