[Charania] Breaking: Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving has requested a trade, league sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. The franchise has been informed that Irving prefers to move on ahead of the Feb. 9 trade deadline – or will leave in free agency in July.

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  1. Rodman on the Bulls got his antics out of the way (mostly off-court) and then would return to being a rebounding savant.

  2. Kyrie has also not shown up in the playoffs after Cleveland. That also tremendously alters a player's perception. Kawhi for instance, for all his injury issues, is very much worth holding on to.

  3. And people actually thought the nets "won the trade"

  4. That's just hindsight bias tho. If he had recovered to his year 2 or 3 levels of play, it would have been a great trade for the Nets, because Harden obviously didn't want to play there. It could have been a win-win trade. How often do you see a 2-time all-star just become a not-all-star player BEFORE his prime? It's just a unique situation and the Nets got burned.

  5. Explain to me how English is better than a guy who made 1st team all NBA 4 times and was the 2nd best player in the 2020 playoffs.

  6. I love seeing players enthusiastically discuss the game right afterwards. Just putting your ego aside and learning from the person that just beat you.

  7. That would be fucked up tho. If Radja has to play the World Championship and Nepo pours his two years' worth of prep against him.

  8. When he doesn't go to battle against the NBA champions with a starting lineup of Monte Morris/ Will Barton/ Jeff Green/ Aaron Gordon with Austin Rivers, Bryn Forbes and Jamychal Green as key rotation players.

  9. That was a very unique case and not even his fault. Barca debt, compounded by Covid and La Liga salary cap meant he was impossible to re-sign

  10. There is only one thing that makes a team become hated. Only one. And that is cockiness.

  11. Watching the mavs now is just how i remember the harden carry years. Yes, its awesome watching Luka go off every game but mavs need to get something legit around him or this will go to waste.

  12. The significant difference is that the Rockets team was one of the greater teams of the previous decade. They were offensively a bit one-dimensional but in terms of playoff defense, they were elite. With CP3, they were damn near unbeatable.

  13. In terms of playoffs as well, they were one of the best of the last decade at least.

  14. No I was saying how Messi won it when Messi was aged 22 himself, and when Mbappe was aged 22, Messi won it again, when Messi was aged 34. Now when Haaland is 22, Mbappe 24, and Messi 35, Messi is likely to win it once again this year.

  15. I was about to ask why the downvotes, then I remembered this is

  16. I get it, but the joke would have been funny if Giri didn't literally play in this tournament and did better than what this guy says he can't do

  17. Is it just me or is this sub really pinning the draws on Hikaru, like he wanted to draw instead of win?

  18. I mean Caruana should also have been jet-lagged. Also, there were a lot of players who played well despite everything

  19. the guy editing for sure debated with himself to shorten it but was probs scared he'd hear from Dray lmao

  20. Ant has two-way potential that could make him a legit All-NBA guy. I don't think Hali's defense will ever be great enough for him to be a true top-five guy in the league like that, let alone sustained for more than a year or two.

  21. Like the great two-way all-NBA players Luka, Jokic, Curry, Harden, Lillard, Ja

  22. Hi, I just completed my final rounds of interviews. I see that OP heard back about two weeks later. Can I ask if mostly everyone hears back in around 10 days? It seems like a long period of time to just send out a communication.

  23. Hi, did you hear back? I also had my superday early last week and have been waiting for any feedback.

  24. Nothing thus far. I emailed hr last week. They said process was slowed down due to holidays and they could get back this week, but they didn't

  25. Lets be real it'll be close for 3 quarters because the dubs will be possessed from 3, then we distance ourselves in the 4th.

  26. Haha interestingly enough I’ve had the pleasure of watching both play in person

  27. Everyone was like “lol kangz” when they did it and everyone loves it now, it’s great I can’t hate at all, love to see the kings fans get a W

  28. Maybe not career, but today I'd rather have him than Lavine and even beal

  29. over Beal? Even if they had the same contract? We are comparing players not value for money kinda thing

  30. I think most Warriors fans like him, but he did have this negative arc when he demanded a trade, especially after having a bad playoff season.

  31. That is situational tho. Like put Gobert on Warriors or Bucks and then Gobert would also be key in contributing towards a championship.

  32. Ja doesn’t follow the unspoken code. Really none of the Grizzlies do. I can’t think of even one of them that has physically assaulted a teammate.

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