1. How many people get compared to celebrities in the real world? Our brain is always trying to make connections. Look at Superman's own Amy Adams and Isla Fisher.

  2. I would get the Carachure of big forehead Frasier from the famous Italian restaurant and have it flanked by flowers and above a depiction of the russian bear piece his ancestor stole.

  3. I like a lot of that, but I always have a problem with a speedster picking something up like that burger. I can suspend disbelief in regards to his speed, but he didn't buy that burger that fast. He's limited by the regular human speed. Did he make it himself? He didn't cook it, that takes time too.

  4. maybe he approached a customer who just got their food, asked them for it, and threw them a sweaty 20 from his hidden pockets

  5. Honestly, there’s probably some poor guy in Logistics going “it takes 6 months to prepare a new print run and now I need to have one done by April? Fuuuuuck”. Selling out of what should have been 8 months of stock in a fortnight is ludicrous.

  6. and, if the comic book industry is any indication to go by, there is a huge paper shortage and people are prioritizing printers

  7. So Boom! Studios is releasing a new book called Harrower by Jordan and Revel. Might be worth checking out.

  8. I can think of at least 10 titles at marvel starring women, dc has literally yet to announce one.

  9. same dude. I'm glad that we get some woman centric comics in teams like with Power girl Action, the upcoming Steelworks with the Irons duo, JSA, Bat Girls, Hopefully a Birds of Prey relaunch by the end of the year, etc, but it would be cool to read some solo titles. The new Champion of Shazam was woefully short.

  10. Appears like the approach to Titans continuity is going to be "just aggressively ignore everything between N52 and No Justice, NTT happened as written by Wolfman and Perez." Which is probably the way to do it at this point, but still, lol. I hope the book succeeds and will do my part in subscribing to it despite my differences in opinion with Tom Taylor in the hopes of the Titans getting the love they deserve.

  11. The teen books would excell as webcomics and OGNs. I think that is where they might go until there is more of a demand for sales.

  12. I also emailed him some months back when I was first trying to get these:D he said that he had an unthinkable amount of similar emails after that In Praise Of Shadows video. It’s very satisfying to see someone finally find such success after so many years of hard labour of love

  13. enjoyed your first issue. I'll be pledging for the next issue on Kickstarter. Good luck!

  14. Yo that Chaing poster is awesome. I saw this book at the shop on sale and debated picking it up but I already had a full slate that month :/ might have had to grab if I knew it came with posters.

  15. For those who keep asking, Barry will definitely be involved in the One Minute War but it looks like Iris might not survive it.

  16. this might be a way to shuffle Barry off the title. Go live in the future with past iris or travel the multiverse for an iris in need of a Barry. Or just to get over the whole ordeal as a road trip.

  17. this has been such a fun read. Glad to pick it up each month.

  18. Isn’t that the Doctor Livesy walk cycle meme?

  19. It feels like Wonder Woman just finished with the Trial of the Amazons. Now they're going to tie it into this event in a few months?

  20. Maybe I am remembering wrong but I recall the initial press release explicitly state that it was a 12 issue series.

  21. remembering it wrong - everything said "monthly series"...but then there was something odd Geoff said about "setting the groundwork for others to follow"...meaning perhaps there's plans for the JSA (and Stargirl?) after his work.

  22. I clicked through some links posted on reddit 4 months ago and you're right; it was initially teased as an ongoing.

  23. Vibe. Real opportunity to revamp a latino character and bring in new readers, especially on the heels of the BB movie and the end of the Flash tv show.

  24. Nope. And that blue skin look is weird. Like they want to show her real skin but felt like they were going to get shade for it, so they just gave her a blue mesh instead which gives the same effect as a skimpy costume.

  25. This is what Detective Comics is for my dude. Smaller scale batman stories (mostly)

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