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  1. I now want a tale in which a pattern screamer is trapped in the SCP database and only manages to manifest itself through this image of a cat sitting on a chair

  2. But would you want to go to Italy?

  3. I'm Italian and currently living in Italy, and I'm willing to stay in Europe's spiky boot for as long has it takes to order a McRib at this place.

  4. I find so funny how no one here understood that theme here is referring to the color/layout of a page.

  5. International/Joke/Explained, GoI Formats, Others

  6. I’m so tired of this country. At this rate it’s only a matter of time before the fascists complet take over. I wish I could move to another country. I’m just done with America.

  7. I know this is not going to help a lot, but this kind of thinking is what makes a lot of situations hopeless.

  8. I thought this was gonna be a hot girl gonna be dressed as a mushroom😭

  9. Basically the playlist is one where every song is of a completely random genre. So, an example would be starting out listening to, let’s say, AC/DC. The next would ideally be something like Caramelldansen, followed by some Tyler the Creator, followed up by Baby Shark, then going into the DOOM soundtrack, then cbat…you get the picture. I would like some song recommendations to add to this playlist since I wouldn’t be able to think of it all myself. I appreciate any help from the funny gay subreddit.

  10. I seriously want a movie with the premise of "humanity gets so fed up with GodTM's bullshit they kill him".

  11. You shouldn't have cropped it, it got worse

  12. proof number 100000000 that artists have a gran total of 0 bitches

  13. your art is so good, that if I had enough money to make a commision, I would ask you to draw a mushroom playing the trumpet in a funny way :)

  14. Omg mister/miss Skunk,,,how r u doing on this fine day,,,

  15. I want to write something funny rn, but I think it's better to just ask for context

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