Kind barbershop in Maine (OC)

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  1. And you'll get so many people complaining "Why are these strikers annoying me? Why can't they do it at a time and a place where it doesn't bother me, I'm not the one causing them any problems".

  2. FWIW I had a bike stolen from a kryptonite d-lock, in a stairwell, because it was easier to break the railing it was attached to and just slide the lock off...

  3. Even the "New York Tough" locks are easily defeated under a minute by a person with an angle grinder.

  4. I'll do it, but I'll be chugging all the alcohol I find as I go.

  5. I've done 1 and 2 as a resident and they're both very pleasant cycles where you can set a direction and just go and chill as you do it and are very pleasant.

  6. Some great food near Britannia, I would personally head to the Roseleaf.

  7. I deliver there/nearby 2x a week and it always smells AMAZING

  8. Seriously, what's with all these people coming here recently looking for event planning tips? Is it just me or has it been a recent surge, I know it's always happened, but it just seems to be a bit more common just now.

  9. It's not a "hidden gem" post, it's actually three hidden gem posts in a trenchcoat!

  10. Even ASDA pays at least National minimum wage to those too young to actually qualify for it. Just to put into perspective how this company places your worth.

  11. How do Scottish people pronounce squirrel anyways?

  12. I don't like the calculator in win10. Or at least, I didn't when it first launched. Cause for some reason the initial version of the calculator app in Windows10 didn't respond to the enter key on the keypad. So you had to go use the mouse to press = in the UI to get it to calculate... (or some other equally ridiculous feature removal from the old calculator in W7).

  13. I didn't like it because it refused to start as a focused window when I used the 'Calculator' key on my keyboard. So I couldn't just smash that key and start doing a sum like I used to in windows 7, I had to hit the key and either alt-tab around till I got there or click it. Made the calculator key pointless.

  14. I'm sorry about the post, I'm still processing how I felt when I opened the box last night.

  15. I ordered a pizza from a local place (not La Fav) that I've had good pizza at when I've been there. It arrived and they'd managed to charburn the crust, but have the dough be raw inside and also just barely melt the mozzarella on top, no browning on it at all. They have an actual pizza oven, too!!

  16. I've been watching old episodes of Bleach.

  17. Last time I was up at IKEA I saw they had an area just outside the exit with slightly broken shelves etc that you might be able to salvage something from.

  18. For whatever reason, the shorter videos cant be repeated every day. At least that is what I am seeing. I dont know what their reset period is, but it has been 3 days and the two shortest still don't reset for me (still hav green checkmark on them to show they are already completed).

  19. It's a 10 day reset period now. It used to be 28!

  20. Granary are really really short staffed. Guy came thru from Glasgow to do a shift last time I was there. Feel so sorry for the staff.

  21. Wasn't there an article about how they let everyone go during the pandemic restrictions? No wonder they're having trouble finding people to work there if that's how they view their staff.

  22. Youtube music has a nasty habit of replacing album versions of songs with their music video versions so it can rot away before I'll give it any more money.

  23. Surely if you leave the window vents open you're intentionally allowing a draft to come into the house and reduce the temperature..

  24. Trickle vents are used to allow moist air to move out of the rooms. Moist air can cause damp and condensation when it hits the cold areas of your rooms which leads to mould.

  25. Doesn't the alarm go off saying waiting for assistance because of the extra weight? In the UK I swear if it is 1gram over it complains lol

  26. Ha, I remember buying a packet of leeks at Lidl a couple of months ago and the self-checkout wouldn't accept them.

  27. Roughly the amount that loosely fits into a cup. But also just how much parsley you want in your dish.

  28. You can buy your own set of clippers for very cheap (my last pair, which was a replacement after 14 years, was 22 quid) and then ask your nearest person if you "missed a bit" for free.

  29. They hate eachother then blow each other. Whatever makes the most money.

  30. Yeah, this is really their strong suit. They’ll heat up breaded or fried foods quickly and efficiently and crisp everything up nicely.

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