Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. He's a very stupid man. He's also a very lazy man. You can be one or the other in life and possibly still find success but not if you are both.

  2. The US is also a bad place to live with that attitude. No matter who your parents are you are expected to work and it’s generally considered embarrassing if you don’t. Even if there’s a security concern. I mean, JFK Jr was an attorney at he DA’s office. Malia Obama has been working in television writing. Jennifer Gates is in Medical School.

  3. Yeah, I mean I think that either William is an angry, violent, glitching robot or that fight didn't happen the way Harry says it did. It just doesn't sound very realistic that William would walk into Harry's house scream at him, attack him, and then scream at him to hit him back, while Harry was completely calm and level-headed the entire time. That is not how human beings act. That's not even a Disney villain, it's a cartoon villain.

  4. It was reported that during the UGT she was called out for drinking from the moment she woke up and continued all day.

  5. To be fair they may have thought that she had more charisma than a broken flipflop.

  6. Over exposure seems to be their goal, doesn't it?

  7. Usually I love gossip and drama. But I swear to god, if they turn their invitation or lack thereof into a big thing and expose a bunch of private conversations between family members, I will lose my shit. The tea is always so lukewarm and silly.

  8. I agree the dishing private conversations is going too far. They're so desperate to find ways to make money that it seems inevitable that they will do it again.

  9. As someone estranged from their own family it makes me very frustrated because he is making all of us look ridiculous.

  10. Exactly! She outed Denise and that was extremely inappropriate. Nobody took it seriously at all. But if they had brought a man on the show with the intentions to out a househusband, Andy would’ve been all over it.

  11. I am Team Denise, but Brandi did not out her. Denise said she hooked up with women in her book. I also dont think that is what bothered Denise about the allegations either. It seemed to be more about her cheating on Aaron.

  12. Yeah in LA County police gangs are so normalized people running for county sheriff have their stance on police gangs as part of their platforms. And as someone who wasn’t familiar I was like POLICE GANGS WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?!!?

  13. The sheer number of cops that thought they could do this in front of each other and get away with it is very telling. Like this is normal behavior that you take part in with your coworkers. Which shouldn’t be surprising given how US law enforcement has always operated but nonetheless chilling.

  14. And I noticed behind the crate a bag of beneful dog food, she spends so much money and buys crap food for the furbaby.

  15. To be fair, my dog has food allergies and my vet recommends the more mainstream brands of dogfood because the smaller brands don't have a proven track-record of being good for a dog's entire lifespan and aren't as well-regulated. A lot of premium brands with grainfree formulas caused DCM that killed more than a few dogs a few years ago. Golden retrievers are especially susceptible to DCM. I doubt that is why Larsa chose that dogfood, but just a tidbit.

  16. I have seen Gizelle out at a restaurant and can confirm she’s like blindingly pretty

  17. It’s another example of this WEIRD theme of Harry thinking any negative view of him and his wife had to come because of the press narrative about them and not peoples’ actual lived experiences with them. Does he think the staff was having a GREAT time working for him and Meghan then read a negative story ABOUT HOW THEY BULLIED THEIR STAFF and was like hmm 🤔 maybe they aren’t that nice..? It’s fucking nuts.

  18. I think at least half of it is due to the fact that this is a filmed event and that they are on HWs are supposed to film as a cast. That is why they're together for the most part. So they're annoyed that a newer castmember is deciding to disinvite someone. But Alexia isn't understanding why what Larsa said was so serious that she would get disinvited from filming, and that Nicole is trying to avoid a confrontation which is part of their job as HWs. Alexia is wrong because there has to be a line drawn somewhere about what other castmates can say and still get invited to your filmed events.

  19. Um... you don't "pop" ketamine. That's like saying you snort weed

  20. Oh I think as much as she and the other sub downplay it, she loved Pete and he broke her heart. They were dropping stories about moving in together while he was in Australia but he moved on carefree. Who knows with ye hopefully he’s finally moved on and stopped paying her attention too. So just looks sad these days

  21. I 100% believe that Pete/Kim started out as a PR couple, and she ended up falling for him. He probably started seeing Chase when they were filming (during Kete). I think Kim's ego is bruised which has led to the drastic weight loss and bizarre behavior.

  22. I just find it ironic that in a book criticizing his family, Harry conveniently ignores the fact that this meeting was set up by his family in order to do damage control for him. Damage control that they were doing with regularity for him at that point.

  23. However, someone with the main character syndrome tends to think that their hardship is something that they should romanticize. Instead of looking for a solution that will eventually indeed develop their character as an individual, they tend to dwell in struggle and daydream about the happy ending.

  24. They’re the Streisand effect on steroids. They keep saying how unpopular Meghan is treated in the UK media, which is just magnifying any negativity she got in the media.

  25. Their gripe has never been with the monarchy. I wish people could see that more clearly. Their gripe is with Charles' plans to consolidate/modernize the monarchy which leaves less for the spares in the family. Harry's whole book was basically him whining about not being the heir to the monarchy, which he never takes a single stand against.

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