1. ‘Stole the blues’ like the blues are a finite resource, fucking hilarious. The 50s/60s blues legends were very openly grateful to British R&B bands that re-popularised it after it had become massively unfashionable in the US. They were often good friends and played together - no one needs your saviour bs

  2. Ant: the lads won’t believe it when I bring this fucker home

  3. There is no song on Beatles For Sale better than “Let It Be” imo

  4. You’re getting a few downvotes, sorry about that. I’d urge you to listen again to BFS though, if only for John finding an entirely new way of expressing himself. Have another listen to the first three songs :)

  5. POV a beetle this mantis would be absolutely terrifying

  6. You're happy being assimilated into Great Ireland?

  7. The socio-political background of this was that during the 1980s, the Thatcher government made the conscious decision that all and I really do mean all investment in England and Wales (Scotland and NI still got cutbacks but not complete stopping all investment) should be in London.

  8. Thanks for this, I've been trying to find this clip for ages.

  9. Ha no probs. I think the last time I saw it was on It’ll be alright on the night!

  10. I’m an idiot, can some explain why I’m seeing different colours blobs in a single “cell” organism? Wouldn’t those be cells? I feel stupid as fuck for asking…

  11. ELI5 What does "single-celled" actually mean? This thing is clearly more than one "blob" and the little leg thingies that it has, have to be more than one "cell", right?

  12. Neanderthals lived in N Europe so they likely developed lighter skin to get more Vitamin D, same as northern H Sapiens

  13. Quite cute.. compared to his usual behaviour towards his kids.. which is lunch.

  14. Hm. I don't know the interaction with cubs of other lion males. But if they were his own cubs, they definitely would not be alive for long.

  15. No offence but that seems unlikely in a social mammal, and highly ineffective from an evolutionary perspective

  16. Yeah that’s why I put it in quotes! They’re generally either leopards or jaguars

  17. It’s a BFI video and I imagine the caption was added later

  18. No they don’t. Chimps and Gorillas are constantly at war with each other for territory. Stop this bullshit personification of animals.

  19. Aww you don’t like facts! BTW the concept of “personification of animals” is better rendered “anthropomorphising”. And it’s also functionally irrelevant when we’re discussing great apes.

  20. Where did you posted it, dude? I'm checking your comments history and I haven't found any link posted by you

  21. Damn I really am one of the only people on here who actually liked nate lol

  22. I don’t particularly get the hate for him either - he’s no worse than 80% of the other characters on the show. Also - to me this ‘line’ is pretty obviously meant to be be ironically shit/corny - Shiv finds it genuinely funny

  23. The species is just called "Platypus".... "Duck Billed" is just American bullshit 🇦🇺

  24. Seriously? They’ve always been duck-billed platypuses. They’re called duck-billed platypuses. That’s the name for them: duck-billed platypuses.

  25. Ah fuck sorry to be ‘that guy’ but yeah it’s platypuses not platypusii - Greek root, not Latin

  26. This is the right answer. There are no albums that are going to appeal to a metalhead per se but there should be a few songs. In addition to the excellent examples above, I’d add:

  27. Besides the British actively trying to slowly eliminate it after the reconquest, the Irish language was decimated by the famine. The areas where Irish was spoken were also the areas hit hardest by the Great Hunger - scores and scores of rural villages effectively ceased to exist as people either died or fled to more urban areas or abroad.

  28. “The Welsh language never faced the government trying to stamp it out, mainly because they were content subjects of the crown since 1500 or so and did not challenge English control”

  29. Bragging about not ruling your own country and not fighting for it is pretty pathetic from my point of view. Also they did try wipe our language out.

  30. And what fighting did you do? You’d have been cowering under your bed from the black & tans with piss running down your leg

  31. Swap out one of your spells for Power Within. It gives you +40% damage for 100 seconds, and reduces your health by 100% over those 100 seconds (so 1% per second).

  32. Does Power Within work with Crest of Artorias equipped?? I thought it gave a status effect.

  33. Maybe it's a deliberate omission because it's irrelevant, so we must assume OP meant terminal velocity of a 150kg canon ball?

  34. Yes that’s exactly it. All apologies for the rough title - I was trying to relate g force to an observable event, admittedly quite badly

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