1. Check out the 1991 Brian Bosworth dumb guy action movie STONE COLD he plays an awesome henchman

  2. I really liked THE PRESTIGE much better the second time around when I wasn't trying to figure out the secrets to the illusions as much

  3. I watched this when I was a kid but never really got it. I read the plot summary a few years ago and I understood it more. Probably due for a rewatch soon.

  4. Yeah, you should check it out if you get a chance I really think it's one that benefits a lot from a prior viewing.

  5. Josh Lewis, Matt Lynch, Chris Cabin and SilentDawn are all worth following

  6. I'm with you man. I hate his face and Whiplash is overrated as hell.

  7. "I am neither right nor left [follows it up with an inherently far right statement]"

  8. And for those who prefer it loud and brutal, there's also this

  9. Maybe try This Is England (2006) directed by Shane Meadows.

  10. Is that not the case for every franchise movie? Arnold Schwartzenegger will always be publicly seen as the Terminator before anything else, even in spite of the fact that he's done dozens and dozens of films beyond it. The character supplants the actor.

  11. Arnold was known as the Terminator and his other characters but movie studios would at least market his persona in many different ways, and legit his name alone can still sell a movie.

  12. I’m not sure. Last info I heard about the formats it released on was back when it was only on DVD around its whitish release. Maybe they released it after enough people asked

  13. Looks real to me? This is the one I have and it seems legit.

  14. Nice! That Godzilla vs Biolante is one of the gems of my collection, hope you enjoy

  15. I love it when people do the "it's actually racist to point out how insanely hostile and anti-social our customs are" like yeah that's fine go ahead and call me a racist because I'm against your form of HUMAN ENSLAVEMENT to build a soccer stadium lol.

  16. This movie is great also just watched it this year and had a blast.

  17. Really? Im extremely online and it seems like Pokemon fans are more unhappy with the latest games.

  18. Absolutely love that movie but so it feels like it’s defined by the plot twist. And although the rest is undeniably great, its way more patient than his other films and is also in French and Arabic

  19. I definitely agree about the plot twist being the foundation of the story when it didn't need to be.

  20. I mean I’m completely supportive of foreign language films as it really adds more authenticity. I’m from Poland myself and completely fine with subtitles but I meant it in the way that it being in subtitles would put off a lot of GA

  21. Ohh yes that's a good point. Your English is quite good!

  22. Find it kinda funny how there's on blip around the Vatican and that's that lol

  23. Listen as long as Mets match the top offer then it's in the hands of God what happens next

  24. Tusk definitely sucks and is a bad movie. I typically reserve ½ for truly unwatchable garbage that's also offensive.

  25. Zeldin got every single white sneaker kid cop to come out in droves to vote for him. He really was a great candidate at getting some of the shittiest LI type of people to vote for him.

  26. I will scream like Toni Collette in Hereditary if he wins a World Series with another team.

  27. I love it when the Mets twitter calls the Yankees "New York (AL)" lol

  28. Ok so here's the thing. Before The Force Awakens I would have watched anything Star Wars related. Now there's too many movies and series and it's just so oversaturated.

  29. Launch sales must be horrible if the director is changing his tune already.

  30. The whole thing with Sonic is that it sells really well but a lot of the games aren't very good so I doubt this is the case.

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