1. Heh. Sorry, I read a lot of Preacher back in the day. Matt's one of those "These colors don't run types," but the only thing he watches on TV is football and he beats up any of his cousins who try to get political during Holiday meals.

  2. Two birds with one stone. The family get together doesn't erupt into civil war and the instigator gets taught a lesson on being a better person.

  3. Have you told them this? Gotten a different perspective from them? At best, you can only make assumptions about how they feel towards each other if you don't talk to them about it.

  4. I tried this once before. All my peanut butter melted out of my sandwich. How'd you get it to stay inside?

  5. Wage theft is illegal and many companies push for it, and many workers volunteer it.

  6. There's only been one job where they were realistic with when you were on the clock and what kind of job you were doing that day. That was nice. The entire rest of the place was an OSHA nightmare by modern standards though.

  7. I love how they think it's a deb00nk and d00nk at conservatives, but it's just yet another example of them being deranged AND hypocrites.

  8. How you ask? Simple. If it means they are on the "winning" side of the argument, they are for it. There's no depth they will not sink to. No rule they will abide by. No law they will adhere to, if it means they get to fuck you over.

  9. I hope that that is just more of that horrendous zoomer humor.

  10. Statistically speaking, by the time they're 5, the average American child has seen at least one murder from watching movies or tv shows, and even on fairly 'child friendly' networks, there are questionably sfw commercials or characters occasionally.

  11. I was raised on hyper violent 80's action movies and slasher films.

  12. Is the current plan to fight brainwashing getting them shitfaced? Lmao

  13. It's gotta be an initiation ritual. Maybe they give up a toe. The black bloodshot eye is next.

  14. It seems like there's been a ton of this in US organizations, whether it's government or private sector.

  15. George Soros funds many of those DA's where they do nothing except tell the police to let those criminals go.

  16. You wish he was. Getting paid to not do your job is the dream.

  17. Altare is east coast, he mentioned it by accident early on. Can't remember how he worded it, but it was basically something like "well it's 6 am here on the east" before he realized he slipped it

  18. Vesper came from somewhere in the sun belt. Ironic considering he's a vampire.

  19. If she said it in Japanese there are two points of failure. Calli might have spent a lot of time immersion learning, but she is still fair from fluent. So she could've used the wrong wording. And then there is the translator who might misunderstand.

  20. Didn't she also tweet out that she bought a house?

  21. Don't forget. Pizza is also a vegetable.

  22. So leftists are now being open about their hatred of Rev. King?

  23. They've always been open about their hatred of him. Now they've just made a poop sculpture out of it.

  24. I mean it's probably better from a different angle or if you see the reference material

  25. I've seen pictures of it from four different angles now. It's not any better in any of them.

  26. Wow. Racism is back in fashion in the halls of government.

  27. A prior comment mentioned that Allicin is the primary ingredient in garlic that gives it its zing. So Nosferatu (space vampires) might have a problem with that.

  28. To answer your question, the record/erase head goes first. Then the play head. The little black bit should be facing whatever direction the tape is coming from. Usually the left.

  29. Home boy is realizing just how much of a poor shitty backwater home is. This is humble and subdued enough to beggar our most hated billionaires. Now he has to wonder just what extravagant looks like. Makes you miss home and your new village in the woods.

  30. I don't believe it's a matter of just not being able to amass that kind of wealth but more a matter of the rest of society putting those people on pikes or their necks to gallows if they tried to get any more opulent. If you got that kind of wealth you damn well better protect your neck because they are coming for it.

  31. I had a tape like that. I recorded over it. However, I did convert it over to mp3 before I did so. Would you be interested in that recording? I can always redub it or just send you the audio file.

  32. Remasters aren't necessarily always better. Case in point AC/DC digipak CD releases vs the original releases.

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