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  1. "If I'd just wake up as a girl one day, I'd just be like 'huh, guess this is my life now.'"

  2. Don't worry too much about that. Everyone figures it out in their own pace. Sure, there are some who have "always known" or always wished they were born in the body that matches their gender, but others may take even decades. I guess it depends on how strong your dysphoria is, besides some external factors like social pressure. I remember, that when I was only 3 years old I had a thought, that maybe they made a mistake in hospital and I'm actually a girl. Later, when I heard about people transitioning, I considered the possibility multiple times and thought about girl's names that I would like to have. However, when my Mom found out that I secretly wore her clothes, she was rather upset. She shamed me and even punished me. She made it seem like it was some sick fetish and that it was shameful and downright wrong. There was noone back then, who would tell me otherwise, so I started to believe it and feel guilty about myself. But the desire didn't go away and since my now wife was pretty accepting from the start, I became more open and experimental. But still, for a long time, I thought I was just a crossdresser, and I was certain that I could not be trans because I was "not dysphoric enough". This was also due to the fact that, when I read about trans people on the internet, it came always with warnings, that you need to be careful with that decision, that once you start transitioning, there's no turning back and so on. Which isn't entirely false, but it kinda scared me away. Now I am finally at peace with myself, brave enough to make an appointment with a gender therapist, which hopefully will start next year. And I wish I had realized all this much sooner.

  3. Because he needs to reassure himself by repeating this statement as often as possible, like some sort of mantra, so he doesn't need to reflect on why he has this need to make others feel miserable. But that's just a theory. A Game theory. 😊

  4. Headcanon: the groom only looks surprised, because he can't understand why his wife would misgender herself.

  5. Ambiguous 💛💗🧡❤️‍🩹🖤💗💚❣️💕💕💜💕❤️❣️❣️💚💘💛💞❤️💕❤️‍🩹💚💛💘💕🖤💕🖤💕🧡💜❤️‍🩹❣️❣️

  6. I always pick female characters in games. I just think they're prettier.

  7. The only thing that looks super masc on you is... Nothing! I don't see anything masc. You totally look like transition goals to me.

  8. Is it still transgender if you're nonbinary? Can you transition gender if you don't have a gender? Terminology is confusing.

  9. Transgender means you don't identify with the gender you were assigned at birth, so by that definition, yes. Non-binary doesn't nessecarily mean agender. Some individuals identify as a mix of two or more genders.

  10. There are only the four elements, fire, earth, air and water. Everything in the world is made up of just those four things. All your fancy science and periodic tables can't convince me otherwise!

  11. Finally I have a word for this strange feeling, when creepy dudes who confuse Instagram with a dating site, DM me. 😊

  12. In chess the King also needs to be protected while the Queen fights alongside all the other figures to defend him against all of his enemies. She can even beat the enemy king, like a true Warrior Queen.

  13. If this woman ever saw a heavy metal concert, she would probably explode. Twice.

  14. He is plugged in ac but gets the dc bcs of transformer or something idk the name in english

  15. If they identify as skinny we'll treat them how they treat us. I refuse to recognise them as their self identification unless they put in the work to biologically "transition" into presenting skinny. You can't expect me to refer to you as a skinny person until i visually recognise you as such.

  16. That's exactly how I tread people who claim themselves to be "trans vaccinated", since the medical "transition" is free and easily accessable.

  17. Me neither. I had kind of a postfeminist and transmedicalist phase, when I thought third wave feminism was going too far and non-binary and non-dysphoric trans people weren't valid, which I am deeply sorry about now that I am more educated on these subject matters.

  18. You know what? Why don't we make sure that people have the exact same biological sex, including chromosomes, the exact same hormone level, muscle mass, height, weight and age, before we let them compete against each other?! After all sports are about fair play, not competition. /s

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