1. Oh silly Kenny, it’s not pizza, they goin to Waffle House!

  2. 9/10 times when someone dies in a public bathroom it’s because of an OD. Is the dispensary responsible for that?

  3. Beautiful! I’m so close. I need three more, including issue 1.

  4. Why would he do this? Find out by reading his book

  5. He has a book out!? Whoa…first I’ve heard of this!

  6. I hope he’s okay but that’s gotta be the least cool thing that’s happened to him since he’s been in AEW.

  7. I hear "Oh Fuck" when I close my eyes and listen, when I read the sentence "Oh Barbie", it's what I hear at the same time.

  8. Wild. Sometimes I hear him saying that the dress is blue and black, the other times I hear “green needle”.

  9. Free….for paid subscribers? So not free then?

  10. Was this recorded on Wednesday or will it be live? If it was recorded, what are the chances that Shida's opponent was Maki Itoh? If it's live Itoh will probably be back in Japan by now.

  11. It was taped. Maki tagged with Emi Sakura on Dark and Shida wrestled Queen Aminata on Rampage.

  12. It was funny because the crowd was already standing when he said that.

  13. Pipeman! Was wondering when you’d show back up with more of your cool work.

  14. It snowed that day, but the crowd attendance was still good. I was surprised actually when I saw how many people still made it.

  15. They have their own currency. Beaver bucks.

  16. Some might say that his DON title win was the peak of Punk’s run but I’d say this moment and match ended up being it.

  17. I was at both title wins live. I watched this on PPV and this meant more to me than the matches at DON or All Out. From the First Dance to Revolution, everything involving Punk was perfection.

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