1. Hello loves. My name is Angel, and I am a domme at heart. I’m 5’9, perky boobies with pierced nipples, pierced and tatted, and my ass is my greatest asset ;) As I said domme work is my favorite, but I love working with other kinks/fetishes as well. I will NOT SUBMIT under any circumstance, do not ask me. I show face in all of my work! I like to discuss the service in full, before we both agree. So if you’re being too rushy or vague, we probably won’t work well together.

  2. Right now I'm just holding out hope that they announce it later on today. Like, dailies and all that reset at 1pm EST, so that's when I expected any anniversary thing to happen in the first place.

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  4. Ends Feb 9th at 23:59 MST. As always use code SHIP4CHEAP to knock off $20 on shipping for orders over $300

  5. Yep, since only yesterday is supposed to be special stream, so maybe that doesn't mean Day 4 won't have rebroadcast but to be honest I won't keep hopes high...

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  11. Also too note don't have trades until 7PM Est posted this since I'm guessing it will stay up for awhile

  12. MYLR, 5 Seat, 19”, White Exterior, Black Interior, Tow

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  14. I am in the same boat this weekend. I don’t know if it was the time of day or what not . Played most games on Saturday around 2pm EST and only managed 8 wins my lowest ever. I’m usually a 14 win or 11 win but this week I felt that everyone I played was way better than usual. Gameplay also didn’t feel the best but I could tell the players were better than usual.

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  16. Making this thread a little earlier, if anyone wants to discuss the women's event (11:45 CET) like in the yesterday's post - however, if there's any interest, I encourage you to create separate live threads for women's events. If any mod is free, we're gonna pin them

  17. 4-6pm est, but there will likely always be at least 1 other person online with you. Usually 5 or so on even in the early hours.

  18. You didn't. Recruitment started at 2 am UTC. So like 5h or so ago

  19. I hate it so much when people blame their system. Like, it’s not us, it’s the system? It’s YOUR system. Own it! Here’s a real e-mail I got explaining why my entire order was cancelled 3 days after it went through:

  20. Hi love! 🥰 I can’t wait to have fun with you! Check out my menu below for an idea of services I offer and an idea of pricing. Prices listed are minimum pricing and may increase depending on details or add ons. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m extremely open minded! 🥰 I have many reviews listed on my Reddit page as well! I’m in PST!

  21. Switched as soon as I saw the it’s news. About 7:30am pst yesterday!

  22. This is going to sound like a infomercial, but just sharing what worked for me.

  23. Weekly Giveaway Stream! Sunday 1PM EST! Come check it out and enter for chances to win prizes!!

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