1. Will gladly help, work in music and have expwrience organizing in goa , india

  2. Why not just use webRTC? It’s completely free. Requires a bit more work to set up but also gives more control.

  3. The jwt is generated and signed by the issuing authentication service. The payload is b64 encoded. When you provide it as a header in a request, the server only needs to validate the signature. No secret sharing is required beyond passing the jwt token itself.

  4. But couldn’t anyone the just create a JWT token and successfully access protected route by passing in the correct body params ?

  5. portal to create element at root of the page and context to interact with it from anywhere

  6. Could you give me more context on a portal to create an element at root of the page?

  7. I’m an outpatient family med doc, the things I hate most about charting are reconciling outside medications, identifying care gaps, and checking the vaccination status of my peds patients. Happy to DM.

  8. I have a really good friend who has Cantonese speaking parents (I'm guessing 60+ as well) living in Phoenix. I could ask him about whether there's a good Asian community without the problems of SF or other cities you listed.

  9. Have a look at ECS / EKS , it runs Containers in a certain number of machines. You can set an ELB in front and it will be route on the right one and stuff. You can configure the scaling process.

  10. Have you tried removing it and seeing if that changes your results?

  11. I haven’t. But even if I did see a variation I’d like to understand the actual reason why it matters.

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