1. Well I got from being stuck in 3rd dan to to being stuck in initiate Little progress is still progress eh

  2. If you're on PC I'm down to help you with learning to fight against king

  3. Appreciate it man but I don't think I'm at the level to focus on fighting a single character yet, I gotta work on my fundamentals. I've barely even familiarized myself with half the roster's moveset yet, Plus I don't like having people make time for me.

  4. You would be hunted by religious zealots for being the devils incarnate though

  5. in today's political climate that would be considered devilphobic and insensitive.

  6. If hes so trash, surely you can do all his combos easily, and beat him easily. The dude use akuma yed but hes slso a very good tekken player without him

  7. dude calls anything he doesn't like trash lmao

  8. I didn't even played the game yet, but already knew it's from Yakuza series.

  9. You need to play the OG so you understand what’s going on in the remake

  10. You have to understand that Zack is supposed to die and that Sephiroth being shown every 30 seconds or so shouldn’t be. Knowing the truth that is the 97 release of the PS1 classic and meteor falling has significant weight rather than going in blind and having shown all these visions to a first timer going “ok… I see a meteor falling….. is that important?”

  11. In this context you're responding to someone who's going to play both anyway. The visions you see in Remake are very vague. TO ME, it doesn't matter because it still leaves me, the first timer, with so many questions, which may or may not be answered by playing the original game afterwards anyway.

  12. Use pierce. Its crazy. If u complete gerbil took the top head side mission u get a mod for it that removes charge time. Pierce is great against all flying enemies

  13. bruh pierce is op and I didn't even know there was a no charge mod

  14. It was weird for me because I recently played the complete edition on my first playthrough, and the AWE dlc is integrated into the game almost, and I didn't realise it was dlc. I noticed a massive spike in enemy difficulty to the point where I was getting owned. Ended up realising I was doing the dlc and jumped back to the main story, and everything was fairly easy again.

  15. I stumbled upon it randomly as well but I got the feeling I wasn't supposed to do it yet. A whole new level for what seemed to be a side mission plus super dark environment? nah bro I went back up and kept that shit on hold until late game lmao

  16. The thing is FF7 is VERY anime. Anyone making it live action is only making it for the sake of it being live action. Most of the action scenes are going to be CG anyway, like superhero movies in this day and age. Specially with shit like Cloud and Sephiroth ignoring gravity trying to kill each other in the stratosphere.

  17. Guess we both have different ideas for what a good series would be. While I wouldn't mind live action, I'd srill prefer animated. You seem to be part of the other fandom that dislikes the remake, but I am a fan of it. Different strokes for different folks eh

  18. I've seen too much cartoon porn for this to bother me. So long as there's a phallic shape, I'm good.

  19. Actually true. I used to hype myself up for the pain and when it hits:

  20. The real gigachad is the one who dont care what platform he is playing as long as he is having fun

  21. Exactly. Some games on both launchers have the same discount, but epic has an extra coupon you can use. If I can spend less I'm taking it bro

  22. If you're on PC, there's this great mod for the game called arachnophobia. It literally erases the Wyyyschokk and I think bane back spiders

  23. Fellow Arachnophobe here. Just the other day my cat brought me a dead spider right after taking a shit and couldn't get out of the bathroom for a hot minute until I threw my slipper at it so I can't see it.

  24. she's in the Mantis trying out Greez's new recipes

  25. The Gl'itch. They're invasive parasitic creatures that stick to spaceships so they can go to other planets.

  26. Idk i might be wrong, but both Cere and Cal tap a lot into the dark side... Cal is like super brutal with his attacks, the force pull (i think he uses force choke too), the saber throwing, etc. The use of the red saber is wrong because they were trying to restore the order, but it shows the dark times they were in.

  27. Gonna play devil's advocate and say those other dudes are nerds

  28. Spend 5 minutes on Reddit and you'll find 90% of the people here didn't pass 5th grade English.

  29. I wanna see Palpatine giggling in a corner hiding from the resistance.

  30. bruv you should've fought Oggdo Bogdo after getting force pull, you can use it against him and cut his annoying tongue. After pulling and cutting his tongue you literally strip him off of all his annoying attacks and he becomes ez asf.

  31. Died like 7 times against it on my first playthrough on Jedi Master. I was only less than an hour into the game.

  32. I always forget its name and at this point my brain only sees "ooga booga"

  33. Tried it once but failed and thought it wasn't possible.

  34. Recently finished this game. Trilla just might be my favorite Star Wars character ever design-wise. I don't know if I'm abnormally horny or her outfit is just that good.

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