OP is getting bullied at work… with a twist?

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  1. Would love to see the month by month breakdown and the spikes from different train wrecks

  2. Insurance. They can’t claim insurance on it unless it has been completed. That’s not the case with all movies, but it is specifically with the Rust shoot

  3. Why does Matt have an interest in an insurance payout? Is it to hedge against Baldwin defaulting on his portion of the settlement?

  4. Is Mary Louise finally two? The facade is really going to take off now that she and Edu are 'both 2' instead of X months and X+6 months

  5. Moved from Toronto to Halifax 5 years ago. Never going back. I live where Torontonians want to vacation. I vacation in Toronto and frankly, it's enough

  6. yikes i spent 4k hours on this sub. i dont know how to feel about that 😅 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. That's 10 hours a day every single day, or two full time jobs, for a full year

  8. With a closet full of designer clothes that stylists have shown her how to wear, why did she instead pull out one of her ballroom comp dresses that daddy paid for?

  9. This totally applies to guys too. The hotter the guy, the more likely he is to either be boring or a douche

  10. Woman here. I have not found douchiness to be correlated to looks. There's a good helping of assholes spread throughout that spectrum.

  11. If she was really nursing she'd have Lil Larry cradled in her left arm and hold the phone with her right. But she needs the claw to hold her in place

  12. I reported someone who asked for a link to the 'porn Hilary posts of her kids' but that wasn't a breach either, apparently

  13. Your whole statement was so on point until you unnecessarily called Kim a whore. Elevate yourself

  14. Could it be, our scumlord power company hasn't done their job in decades and just pocketed our money without offering the service they advertised?? Needless to say, fuck Emera

  15. Elizabeth born in 1955 and Jane in 1965. I learned something myself by looking it up. It’s interesting when you study a group of siblings who is oldest, middle and so on. The brothers seem to be their own biggest fans.

  16. So they beat the record, Carol had 6 under 11 and got squishy so Hilary had 7 under 10 and kept being bendy. The way he tells it and the way she posts it, both mothers high most of the time

  17. Oh gross. Alec is my mom's age and Hilary is 4 months older than I am

  18. 100% . The way she’s already making Romeo the Casanova with all his “talk” about the girl he likes, his “letters” and everything else she’s been pushing pertaining him and his little love life🥴

  19. Sure I will. I really hope I have some positive developments to post updates about 😞

  20. Oof. That’s some serious fur. 😳😬

  21. Also the nicknames for the kids (Carmax, Wreck It Ralph, Leon, Miracle Whip, Big Eddie (his name keeps morphing - which is hilarious), Malibu (also Marilu Who etc), and Siete.

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