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Elon Musk fires an employee publicly for correcting him

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Elon Musk’s first ever email to Twitter employees (November 9, 2022)

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  1. This is a great way to provide legitimacy to the actual crimes of Donald j. Trump.

  2. I mean i get your point, but how do you convince people the DOJ isn't political when they have a vested interest in seeing it as political?

  3. It won't convince any of the cult in the short term and probably not the long term. I mean, that segment of the electorate is lost. I think we can all agree on that.

  4. Well yeah of course. The Taliban and ISIS are not Islamic just like fundamentalist evangelicals in the US aren't Christian. They simply use religion as a tool - leverage to wield their power and control others.

  5. That's the definition YOU just used. Russia is clearly not far left, you'd have to be stupid to think so, the Soviet Union was also not far left, and China isn't either.

  6. Unfortunately it seems like most people don't.

  7. It's quite shocking, though not surprising, how many simple-minded folks just glom onto a word and ignore the nuance and context.

  8. Definitely. Looking at the GDP list, I get the impression that the only kind of wealth Republicans can generate is the kind you pull out of the ground. You know, because they're not about educating the populace.

  9. The only kind of wealth authoritarian dictatorships can generate is from oil and gas. See also Russia and Saudi Arabia. The GOP is in good company.

  10. Putin and Trump have a lot in common, eh? Full on insane and utterly full of shit.

  11. Congress enjoys socialized medicine too for life. But the rest of us plebes can go fuck ourselves and buy it on the open market.

  12. The earth's population of humans was just around a billion when Jonathan was born.

  13. When it comes to Republicans it's always almost exclusively about the cruelty. How much of it they can thrust on people they don't like.

  14. Putin can't decide whether he wants to be Stalin or Hitler. What a time to be alive.

  15. The war ends when Ukraine's borders are back to pre-2014 and Putler and his regime are removed from power.

  16. "We're not going to clothe or feed you or give you any weapons or ammunition, but we need 5 million of you to throw into the grinder. That's the way we do things in Russia.

  17. Reddit was telling me even a few months ago that modern Iran was super liberal, and that I was racist for disagreeing. Wild.

  18. How could they tell it was Russian made? Did they find pieces of duct tape and mismatched screws at the impact site?

  19. Is mass murder of your own society's children some evolutionary advantage I'm to stupid to understand?

  20. I blame the hardcore messaging from the No side that pushed the misconception that the rate would apply to all income, not just that over the $1mil. And used the scare tactic that anyone selling their house would be paying the tax on the full price.

  21. Marginal tax? What the hell is that? Some pinko commie trick like COVID vaccines? You won't be pulling the wool over the eyes of this American!

  22. He is waiting for the US election results. A Republican victory could mean that the supply of American weapons stops.

  23. Hard to believe that that's truth. And imagine saying that 20 years ago or 40 years ago. Boy the Republicans sure have changed.

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