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  1. With how often Reddit talks about Trump, you’d think he’s still president.

  2. Poor Afton...even after all the shit he did, he did not deserve that

  3. Makes sense, Hitler got sick of time travelers trying to assassinate him so he put the reverse card down

  4. The theory is that the German Empire tested its submarine warfare on the titanic and either the British Government hid it or the true cause is not known. Many survivors claimed that an object was in the water that emerged and later submerged.

  5. Sounds a bit like the submarine theories surrounding

  6. Similar, but the German sub theory implies the sub torpedoed the Titanic and then investigated what it hit. This goes along the lines of the Sub being told to test its guns without knowing the ships in the area.

  7. What tf is this meme about unless you unironically are racist, the mod just stated what he saw and didn’t ban the post???

  8. It’s the hating part, on a sub that wasn’t related. The guy is a douche but he isn’t deserving of Reddit doxxing.

  9. It's almost like this is happening right now with Putin and Ukrainian children

  10. Idk if your point is that we go to war with every war mongering country or what.

  11. I hate it when people make this argument because you’re basically saying some people will be able to get guns illegally if it were outlawed so we should make it so anyone can easily get guns. That’s like saying people can still acquire meth despite it being illegal so we might as well make it legal

  12. So banning them would help us by doing what? Restricting Constitutional amendments?

  13. Banning guns would help us by reducing gun violence??? Literally any functioning country that doesn’t have gun violence is that way because guns are banned. Australia, the UK, Japan, etc. It also counters the argument that people would just get guns illegally since pretty much nobody has guns despite them being illegal. (I know guns are kinda a cultural thing I’m the US so it would be different but I still believe that the argument is fundamentally flawed.) Also the constitutional amendment argument is also foolish because the people who wrote that were talking from the perspective of people who had just broken away from a tyrannical empire, and they needed to be ready to defend themselves, if Britain were to attack them again. The US army has enough firepower for nobody to need any guns anyway. We’re in no danger. Also the “right to bear arms” was referring to muskets and flintlock pistols, not AR15s that can kill 100 people in less than a minute

  14. What are they? They look like mini-crocs 😍

  15. I would hope that he keeps his nipples out of crocs range!!

  16. Best way to Say i don't know anything about abortions without saying it. Also i supose you are going to adopt said child if the mother dies during child birth or if she cant provide for it, right?

  17. Bc we dont have a good working planned parenthood program, nor sex education. Abortions are a last resort type of thing, not a contraceptive method that women use everyday. If we had better sex education and acess to contraceptive, there would be less unwanted pregnancies and as such abortions would serve their purpose of being a last resort

  18. I feel like the education could even prevent the Contraception part (Unless it’s just casual).

  19. Idk what handmaids tale is, I’ve never read/watched it, but the way these people describe it makes it sound based af

  20. It’s a world where a Christian theocracy takes over in a coup and makes America into a feudal kingdom of sorts (It makes 0 sense)

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