1. idk about the other Accommod8u buildings, but I've had a good time at 228 Albert (been here since September); despite the bad reputation it gets on this sub

  2. Hear hear. Additionally, Mississauga, Pickering, Oshawa, Whitby, Timmins and Sudbury (the SNOLAB will be the cause of the noteworthy "Resonance Cascade" event as outlined in the Half-Life series)

  3. My favorite part of pickering is the train station... that takes you away from pickering.

  4. It really depends on your environment. I know a lot of people who graduated last may and are still passively looking for a job -- if they get one, great! if they don't, oh well, they'll keep looking

  5. Seriously though this CANNOT be swept under the rug. This professor needs to be reprimanded in the form of removal of his employment at the university and anything less than that is an absolute disgrace.

  6. biomedical engineering's admissions average is as high as SE, so it attracts top students and then they realize that software can be more lucrative than med school so they often decide to take software jobs

  7. last I heard, it was Stephen New who ran that, not sure if he ever had an official site on for it

  8. from my experience, N9 isn't something that's forced upon you or snuck into a contract. By default, my accommod8u lease was for 3 years, but since I submitted this N9 "notice of termination" form, they're going to terminate the contract after 1 year (I want this because I graduate in a year)

  9. you can get by cs350 without video lectures (the slides are enough). You'll still need to watch 1 or 2 videos for assignment hints (near impossible to do the assignment without them)

  10. i order doordash so much, the guys at Lazeez know me now; one time i went in there in-person and my friend addressed me by name and the guy went "it's you???"

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