1. Same thing happened to me after my move-out in August. Got hit with a $1500 bill for "repainting the entire unit" and "pest removal". They gave me 8 whole business days to pay before sending it to a collection agency. And this is after ignoring my several attempts to ask for proof by email. Not even a single response.

  2. I paid mine the other day :/ too scared of credit score drop (idk if I acted fast enough to prevent a credit score drop... we'll see)

  3. I'm planning on creating my own robotics business hence why I'm doing both business administration and engineering though EngSci I heard people find that hard alone so a double major is a no go. I think Waterloo might be a better choice and my dad went there as a postdoc so it should be easier to get in.

  4. you don't want a business degree. If anything you want an entrepreneurship course (which anyone can take). don't mix the two up

  5. What's the difference. I don't really see entrepreneurship in the US.

  6. An undergrad business degree prepares you for a career in banking, or marketing, or sales or HR. Entrepreneurs generally have engineering degrees (and MBAs, but that's a graduate degree)

  7. they just gotta be quiet and it's chill. those walls are not very sound-proof. my gf basically lived at my dorm for a year

  8. engineer is usually the way to go, the dude at Pearson didn't care one bit that I had a CS degree

  9. I never knew about the firmware reload button, but that just fixed my broken switchbots, so thank you :)

  10. You can have multiple J1, even when you are subject to 2-year home residency requirement. I've held 3 different J1 visas.

  11. Jobs in other countries are much more rare in Waterlooworks (the co-op job board), so the competition is tough. However, yes, it is possible to get co-op jobs in other countries.

  12. I interviewed there once and the engineer who interviewed me looked absolutely dead inside. I got an offer from a cool startup, so I took that instead. Anyways, I thought his expression said a lot.

  13. I used sprintax recently, because i saw it recommended here. They charge like $80, but I think it was worth it because it fairly painless and the IRS never needed to call me back lol

  14. Stop twiddling your thumbs while you wait for the job market to bounce back. You could've spent this time grinding side projects

  15. coding projects; extremely high gpa; volunteer, work, or entrepreneurial experience; math contests

  16. usually, as a CS major, you don't want to return to the same company twice. And if the company does give you a return offer, you usually need to accept/reject long before your next recruiting cycle.

  17. No. Once degree is awarded on transcript, that’s it that’s all. Waiting won’t change anything, so best to not delay your visa stuff.

  18. it doesn't matter which extracurriculars you list, it's about the number of hours you spend (they ask you to estimate on the AIF), and your top 6 average.

  19. Just a broke college student here (in this sub to manifest my goals lol), how much does a shirt and a suit like that cost?

  20. Comment edited and account deleted because of Reddit API changes of June 2023.

  21. I don't think there's any good answer here. You can list all the file descriptors for each process, but those are messy, and they don't really tell you what the application is doing with those resources.

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