1. Well I don't if the frame is different it's just another size same frame. They have M-size in stock but not the L-size frame so they mentionet that I need to wait for the L-Size frame. Could be coulple weeks...

  2. Just take the money you'd lose on a wrong size crash replacement and get a bike that really fits you?

  3. seems petty on their end. Ya’ll keep supporting these bang for your buck brands though and realize where the value is with more expensive brands.

  4. Feel like an LBS backed brand might be able to step in and lubricate this situation for OP. But when it's an online only brand you're stuck with whatever tech support gives you.

  5. Agreed prces go up when demand is still high people want the wrx just not the new one. The lots around me have tons of 2022s but they can't keep any previous gen on the lot longer than a few days

  6. Same thing here. VA platform WRX and STi's sell for insane amounts of money, but the new ones sit on the lot like boat anchors.

  7. It depends on your level of riding. My bike came with NX and I gave it a chance for a year but it was driving me insane with how inconsistent it was. I was constantly adjusting it. So I just bought a GX derailleur with a XO1 shifter.

  8. Did the same thing but said screw it and bought into Shimano's XTR shifter and rear mech. Couldn't be happier.

  9. Mine has turned yellow around the edges after 6 months of ownership. I don't notice it unless I really look at it, I don't think other notice at all.

  10. yea the northstars were cool as shit. i still kinda want one. don’t want the debt that comes w it

  11. I don’t know if I’d say in a hurry - believe it or not the Cadillac is even slower than a wrx. Got that air ride though. Smooth and slow.

  12. But does it do burnouts? I'd like to think when I'm being laid to rest my hearst driver will hoon a bit with me onboard.

  13. Nope, in my county they have red Tahoes. This is a clapped out old explorer with no equipment or lights or plates. County has way more money than this. And this is in a crappy house in the hood.

  14. yup, even mine has the same sad battery life on 1.1.8

  15. Mine too has been cheeks for the last couple updates. Currently on 1.1.8, feels like a moderate improvement but still a step down from where it used to be.

  16. Absolutely dreadful. Only Samsung devices are being tested right now through T-Mobile. I'm sure testing takes at least a month.

  17. I've seen it take much longer than a month sometimes sadly. T-Mobile never seems to be in a rush when they've got to deliver the goods.

  18. i actually JUST checked my app.. it's back up. might not stay but working now

  19. Same. Worked a few days ago. Must be something on their end. They need to work out software / firmware bugs. Seen a lot of weird behaviors lately.

  20. Yep. It wasn't even cloud connected when I first tried running it. I could see the device passing traffic through my router but it was still stating it couldn't connect. Rebooted the Roomba twice without any luck. Finally came back online after waiting a while.

  21. Hey there. Former MTBer who spends all his time on the road now. I started with a 2x 12-27 and now ride a 1x 10-33.

  22. Maybe try riding 2x for at least one season outside before swapping?

  23. After reading the comments in here that's what I plan on doing. I'll stick with it, see if it grows on me, then reevaluate.

  24. I think the squabble here is about the vehicle base weight and runtime vs the need for extra aero.

  25. Imagine thinking the base weight is = to downforce lol

  26. It's not equal to downforce, and I never stated it was but if you've got a heavy pig rolling though corners traction issues aren't going to be remedied by adding a wing to the rear.

  27. Close to no bezels, 6 inch AMOLED display, snapdragon 835, 6GB ram, android 10. I wouldn't use the the standard 5 because of the bezels even though the same specs

  28. 5t was part of the peak OnePlus era imho, so definitely still usable.

  29. Almost 150k on mine. Purchased new. It’s possible, just costly.

  30. New short block costly or just head gaskets normal maintenance costly?

  31. 10 LTSC IoT release? I'm under the impression it's even more stripped down than base LTSC.

  32. Hmmm. As much as I know, there is no difference apart from the activation.

  33. That might be the case. As much as I use core LTSC I've never had a use case for the IoT instance.

  34. I wanted to love the new ranger but it's the size of a mid 90s F-150. I get it's all safety stuff but darn, give us the real minis back.

  35. They don't make real minitrucks anymore so you've got to make your own.

  36. Needs wood grain contact paper two-tone wrap around the belt line though.

  37. I posted it because it was a lot of work and I’m proud of the result, and as an example if someone in the future wants to see how it turns out using this coating.

  38. Fwiw I dig it. Also read your prep steps. Mad respect, you seem like you did it right.

  39. I used this in a Teams chat at work today so I could convey the current state of affairs on a project I'm on. Thanks much.

  40. If you really wanted a normal ass sti just like i have you could have bought one and saved some money. Either leave it or sell it and buy a random sti.. Edit: ah it's just the kit you slapped on.. my bad. Do as you prefer, i think it looks pretty good.

  41. Yeah... I bought it new(normal sti) , added the wheels and the kit myself. Now debating if I'd like to return to stock, sell my kit, wheels, etc.

  42. Well that would suck.. if you do so at least buy other wheels and go for a OEM+ look, modern STIs just don't look proper in my opinion. So much wasted potential. Also the stock stance looks like the car is some kind of tired duck, imagine a dude with a big chest but thin chicken legs. Subaru has a kink for wheels that are burried by the car's body, also many places where a small mod can do a lot for the car's character.

  43. I was thinking maybe powdercoat the factory wheels the same bronze color my widebois are currently. then do coilovers and a mild drop.

  44. Greetings from a year later. I was just wondering if you had to wait 4 days or 7 before escaping the pit.

  45. It was 7 days in jail, tried my best to find someone to expedite, no luck.

  46. Lemme put a Lexus SUV grille on this. Surely it will look phenomenal.

  47. Understandable, if you want some big quality zoom, samsung is pretty much the only option you have. But at this point, might as well wait for the s23 series.

  48. Sony Experia if you're willing to pay blood money. They've moved from selling mainstream phones to targeting the pro photo crowd.

  49. I'm going to get some hate, but uh when it's painted I think it will look pretty dope.

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