Alex Jones files for bankruptcy

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  1. Any lawyer that works for someone like Alex Jones and doesn't secure an advanced retainer deserves to not be paid.

  2. jesus. you’d at minimum need/want $500k upfront. the billable hours of this jerk off has got to be insane.

  3. let’s be honest though. it’s not JUST that (and it’s a valid reason) but it’s also because Mexico is protecting its own ag industry. Mexican farmers got crushed in the early days of NAFTA from cheap US corn.

  4. it was a muppets bit and it was announced like it looks, with this funny yet dramatic voice saying “Pigs in, SPACE!”

  5. Yes! I used to live in the building behind the McDonalds off Haskell

  6. the F16 is one of my absolute favorite aircraft. it’s so incredibly versatile. Top notch interceptor, bomber, and wild weasel runs.

  7. Special is in the eye of the beholder. The 1970s is considered the malaise era of cars. Generally speaking, it was a period where American car quality was at its worst, and so was performance. Nevertheless, there are people who appreciate cars from this era especially if they grew up around that period. The Buick Riviera is an example of a common car type that was very popular during that time. This was the luxury coupe design. I am from that era, so I tend to like these cars, but I think it’ll be a while before they have any significant collector value.

  8. This seems to obviously be a joke (that last bit especially), but then again “#crypto social conservative blogging” is almost too awful of a hashtag for her to be joking so who knows

  9. Are we sure this whole post isn't tongue in cheek? Reads like sarcasm/satire. Seriously asking, I don't really know shit about this person.

  10. We desperately need very strong privacy laws. Undo what companies have done and erase our private data.

  11. Internet? How about Equifax, Experian and TransUnion? Those companies collect way more sensitive data and profit from it despite the fact that it might be used to deny those same consumers credit or force them to pay higher interest. Sometimes they even lose the data.

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