1. I want to be alone with this pizza right now, gimme!

  2. Clearly a badger broke in to frame the cat. Bloody badgers!

  3. You do not have permission to touch the baby’s water fountain

  4. If that’s last pictures isn’t your phone wallpaper, then what is life for…

  5. How DARE you leave with giving that baby some treats. Appalling. That is one cross face!

  6. 100% hut pizza. Brings back childhood memories of eating a slice with a napkin in my fingers.

  7. What kind of a monster would post this without sound? I wanna hear the baby bear!

  8. No evidence that baby panther did anything. Not guilty.

  9. Are that’s so sweet, you don’t even have to finish the kill. What a thoughtful kitty pie.

  10. Did you ask permission to use the baby’s bum warmer?

  11. Would you go shopping without knowing what you want to buy?

  12. How dare you steal the poor starving baby’s heat? For shame!

  13. That’s the best I’ve seen this week! How dare those invisible trolls attack the baby like this! Bastards!

  14. I needed that laugh. Just why, because cats, that’s why lol.

  15. Taking 18 months to be single after my last relationship wasn’t my intention but it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Processing my last relationship and dating myself for a while was game changer. I could have jumped straight in to dating and missed all this. I’m not the same person in the best way. My approach to everything is different. Depends what’s best for you but if you’re asking others for opinions it is possibly indicating it’s time getting to know yourself again…that’s how I would feel.

  16. Same as others, I’m too wise for emotionally unavailable. I’d know after a few dates, if it’s not naturally there, it’s not for me. Next.

  17. I cannot cope with this baby’s nose, what a cutie!

  18. Literally me. My house plant collection has taken over during winter while I couldn’t go out to play in the garden.

  19. Why would you blame a cat for this? Clearly a badger broke in and framed the cat…

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