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  1. 10/10, would use as often as I use vanilla Butterfree, which is in practically every Pokémon game ever.

  2. Not quite the same, but if your goal is simply to enjoy MDR food in your cabin, I have been successful in getting food to go.

  3. In addition to what others have said, the new DLC missions also introduce an all-new, all-different faction of enemies, which are then available in side missions just like everybody else.

  4. The wording doesn't really make sense. It unlocks it FOR PURCHASE.

  5. I understand that now. I’m just baffled by what appears to be a tooltip that essentially indicates “Buy [Zero Gloss].”

  6. Apologies if this has been asked a thousand times already. My husband and I are both digging the game so much.

  7. Holy Melora, that Paw Paw is next level. And of course the “eat a rat” is baker’s kiss

  8. These are so fun and cute. I’m mostly a Dancer main these days, and my husband plays Summoner, so I’m sending him both now.

  9. I came here specifically to like any comment that suggests Firestar. I still miss her and Justice from George Perez’s days.

  10. Really cool and interesting that this Definitely Real Person misspelled his Definitely Real Last Name at least once here.

  11. Don’t cry because the racist stuff is over. Smile because the racist stuff happened.

  12. Dang! I’m constantly showing my husband how good the in-game food looks, and now I’m showing him how good your out-of-game food looks. Cheers!

  13. Timing. If you have a button press that consumed stamina after the bar is drained it locks it for, I think 5 seconds to recharge (the flashing red bar). You can hit dodge and attack but only have stamina for the dodge, yet the game registered your attack (stored in the input buffer) and thus your stamina bar must reset. Took a lot of trial and error on my own to figure this out. My advice is practice on common enemies getting the stamina consumption levels down, practice the rhythm of dodge/R1/R1/dodge (or any combos you like to use) so that you know exactly how much stamina drain you get without even looking. Finally, practice those perfect ventilation timing - which is always the same

  14. Ah, thank you! I’m a couple Titans in and wasn’t seeing the rhyme or reason behind it. I thought maybe it was just, like, burning through your stamina is inherently risky and sometimes you just can’t vent.

  15. Got the game for Christmas and just found this extremely useful, thank you!

  16. Who could have predicted that the deeply prejudicial nature of so much of her Wizarding World was actually aspirational?

  17. My husband and I always manage to have a good time in Nassau. We often do a catamaran snorkel excursion through the ship. Not the best snorkeling in the world, of course, but it’s still a nice trip, with plenty of rum punch on the way back.

  18. I would use that Reaper weapon till the end of my days!

  19. I vote Ground. Every time I see it I’m like, “Why is that Pokémon wearing the Mushroom Kingdom on their head?”

  20. I have never enjoyed playing a caster more than in 2e, though I haven’t played much past 5th or 6th level.

  21. I was just at their show in Detroit the other week and they definitely brought this up and apologized for it lmao. I’ve never heard it, but if it’s a bonus content episode that would make sense. I’ve never bothered with the bonus content. I might try to find it now, just for research sake lol.

  22. I was listening to the live episode tonight and got to wondering: Was the show as sparsely attended as they suggest in the intro? They made it sound like barely anyone was in the audience.

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