1. So jealous!!! I am about 2 months out of tomato season. Tell me where I need to move to. Lol

  2. I have a painting done by Chester Weger while he was in prison.

  3. Thinking of growing this next season, they're beautiful! How's the taste?

  4. So beautiful!! I'm honestly not the best taste describer lol but I feel like they are pretty savory, not too sweet or acidic. Classic tomato taste, perfect texture!

  5. Reading this title I was like 'no one wants that'... but reading your post, that's incredible.

  6. I used to babysit 3 kids in my neighborhood, they lived one street away and 2 blocks down. A girl and 2 boys. One day in 2009 while I was walking into high school, my mom called me to tell me the horrible news - their father had attempted to kill them all by burning their house down. He succeeded in killing himself, the mother, and one of his 3 children. The eldest child (daughter) saved herself and the youngest child (son) by getting them out an upstairs window and onto the roof where they jumped off. After this, the 2 children went into the care of their aunt, their mom's sister. Absolutely heartbreaking. RIP Garrett and Trish. <3

  7. I'd appreciate if you had better photos from the root, but so far look like puffball

  8. Omg. I was hoping that. Even though it's 1 inch?? I'm so sad that I picked it already.

  9. Puffballs are edible why sad 😂😂 dw about picking mushrooms unless they're illegal to pick haha that's how you learn

  10. Sad because I kind of assumed that maybe it would have gotten bigger if I didn't pick it?? Is that...not how mushrooms work..?? Lmao I'm clearly not very educated in this topic.

  11. I’m so happy you took him back immediately. I feel like so many people would just try and mess with it :( what a world we live in.

  12. True. :( I honestly felt so bad that I shocked the little guy with the tap water. I was runninnggg back to that ocean 🤣

  13. Do they not have cavatappi for a pasta choice anymore for this? 🥲🥲

  14. i’m ngl since I started working at OG in February of 2021, we haven’t had that pasta option available

  15. The Mint Condition sounds like what you're looking for. It's a mocha with mint syrup and crumbled Andes over the whipped cream.

  16. No it's an old drink. That's not it either. I'm just looking for the old name from 2009 ish

  17. Doing some searching, it looks like the line of flavored espresso drinks was originally called Wild Drinks. Is that what you're looking for?

  18. No, but thank you for trying 🥲🥲 I almost think it was mint Madness. But I looked that up and it doesn't seem right !!

  19. So I did this yesterday, and today still more mail that isn't mine 🥲

  20. You should write on it "no longer lives here" or "moved" instead of return to sender.

  21. I have been writing that additional info on the envelopes too since some have gotten sent back to me again for some reason. I will start putting them in my own mailbox though, thanks!

  22. Hot take: being proud of killing things is not good actually. Also if this idiot can't tell a husky from a wolf, she's too stupid to own a gun.

  23. On the Habersham Co Sheriffs incident report it says at the bottom of the first page “Did the investigation indicate that this incident was drug related? If yes indicate the type of drugs used by offender.” And they marked YES and drug UNKNOWN

  24. There was an update on their podcast like 10 days ago, not sure of you've seen it!

  25. Lol. Unfortunately I have these random psychic thoughts and they come true most of the time. My kids dad took my oldest to the pride parade in the biggest city close to us. I was cleaning house when "they are in a car accident" went through my head. About an hour, maybe two and my child called me. Poor thing had whiplash and a minor concussion.

  26. Pinch off the leaves with the miners. And next time do this every time you see one, as soon as you see one

  27. Those are really pretty, especially those Black Krims! I can't believe how smooth they are--no cracks at all. Definitely worth the wait. Which is your favorite?

  28. It's my first year with Kellogg's Breakfast, and I haven't tried it yet. It's destined for BLTs tomorrow. I'm not impressed with the yield at all, but it's been such a rotten summer that I'm trying not to judge it too harshly.

  29. Yes, so neat!!! My chevron always comes out more wavy than 'crisp' and 'pointy' like this 😏😍

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