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  1. Since your other comment got removed and I read it in the notification, here's a summary from

  2. Some ppl on britsimon blog have said that kcc requested their documents. It'll take about 2 and half month for kcc ro process your form after the submission date once they are processed then they'll aak you for the documents according to what i have seen so far regarding the dv 2023

  3. Nowhere.. it's already connected as intended.

  4. Look at the images i took, i removed the antenna and this is the wire that seem to be cut off ?

  5. Yup, just as the electrical designer/engineer intended for it to be.

  6. can't say army because that would include the soldiers on the border who have no idea.

  7. PTI was in the lead during the Punjab CM elections but 10 of their votes got discarded and so now we are back to having Hamza Shahbaz as our Punjab CM.

  8. Hi did you find the answer cuz I'm dealing with a similar situation

  9. I think after submitting DS260 the KCC will contact you through email to ask you for your documents and give you further instruction after that I think once that's approved and done then you'll get a date for interview

  10. You have one year to complete the DS-260 and submit your documents to the NVC. This is a rolling deadline. It’s one year from the last date of contact you had with NVC. This can include logging into the CEAC system. If you log in right now, you’ll basically extend the deadline by another year.

  11. I agree but aren't a lot of those grey market? And there's a PTA tax to deal with as well, moreover your average Pakistani won't be buying Apple products.

  12. Ngl that's pretty messed up if true why are we spending so much on fuel subsidies

  13. From this, I believe all imported phones will be banned. Which makes the companies who started manufacturing here gain an advantage. Sucks for people who use anything else. I'm not sure if Samsung got around to producing locally, as far as I know, it's only Chinese brands.

  14. I literally have zero faith of this ever coming to fruition. The entire burger sector of Pakistan the top 5 percent lives off of iphones no way they'd go through with this

  15. People dying of hunger, sickness, oppression, discrimination & poverty is fine but this where they draw the line and come out to talk ? this being them not understand Imran Khan

  16. This breaks my heart I can't go back to old pakistan

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