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  1. The White Spot at Market Crossing. I have various seafood/shellfish allergies with severity depending on the animal and the concentration, usually minor enough to just huff and puff through. Ordered a dish with chicken breast. No caesar dressing (though Whitespot caesar dressing doesnt bother me anyway). Part way through my chicken I realized I was having a minor(ish) asthmatic reaction, which I usually get from cross contamination. After speaking to the chef he disappeared for like 10 min to read all the ingredients, then he finally came back and told me angrily that there was some seafood used to marinate it and that it was my responsibility to check for allergens when ordering anything.

  2. Quick way? Get a small cold vapor diffuser and some essential oils.

  3. Second this. However, do your research on the oils to make sure they're cat-friendly. Between my cat and my dog there are only about 4 oils I can safely use, but it is still worth it IMO. I have only used lavender and bergamot so far.

  4. I took Mandarin in college and as I learned the sounds the characters turned from black (ie. no perceived reaction) to colours they would be if the characters were written in Pinyin (basically an English alphabet with accents).

  5. "F" is forest green. Same with "Friday" and just about every word with F is some type of green or gradient with green.

  6. What kind of training did you do? My dog has separation anxiety and howls bloody murder when alone. I've tried thunder shirts, cbd, high value treats, exhaustive exercise sessions, and pheromone air fresheners.

  7. I have a dog with severe separation anxiety. We need to train for every new environment he gets left in.

  8. I'd suggest using a car service, as you'll get a flat rate.

  9. Good call. Also Uber has been really unpredictable in terms of pricing lately.

  10. Agreed. I've always found Ubers pretty sporadic, but sometimes I get lucky. I'll see the rate when I land.

  11. Hello - 3 months later. I don't know the show but the scene is familiar. Pretty sure it was a scene with a middle aged woman (character may have been an actress or something) in the front passenger seat of a car who had mentioned this, but I cant remember much more than that. Maybe his helps?

  12. Paris. Very dirty and people were very rude. At one point I was being pushed onto a Metro from behind while this lady was trying to get off. The lady grabbed the train door with both hands when I was in the doorway, smashed it into my skull, swore at me and shoved me aside, and then stormed off.

  13. Try Resolve. It is an enzymatic pet stain cleaner and saved my furniture during the puppy years, both smell and stain gone.

  14. Weapons maintenance table with a clean all weapons option.

  15. Do you mean the very first mission? It isn't a problem. You can just start filling up your table with materials and you'll eventually get a resupply mission prompt.

  16. 2 step verification on social club nets you 10 free gold bars. I'd try for quick draw pass before bounty if you can; just grind stranger missions for gold in the meantime. Like the others said, you get the gold back.

  17. Just a heads up that you can open your catalogue and as long as you aren't bumped or killed you can AFK indefinitely. Great for cooking.

  18. Once had someone set my wagon on fire. Sent my posse member to finish deliver while I dealt with him. Not a single bottle broke and we invited him to the shack afterward to slap him.

  19. I was playing GTA Online last September and I was getting mad at the lack of female hairstyles. I Googled whether there would be any unlockable hairstyles and found some thread with someone complaining about how GTA didn't have long hair for female characters when they were obviously capable of it based on the female hairstyles in RDO.

  20. Social club 2 step verification still works for 10g.

  21. Then there's early lvl 200s with 300+ gold and then there's me, a lvl 277 with 20 gold lmao, i have a spending problem it seems

  22. it would be so fun to play as animals and roam anywhere. Find random stuff like this

  23. You can play a few animals for a lot of work, gold, and 5 minutes at a time. Look up naturalist vitalism studies online. Still broken on xbox since last time I checked, though.

  24. I am; the rest of my posse is not but I've adopted them.

  25. Up until you get hogtied, yes. If you are lasso'd with the normal lasso open up item wheel and just equip the knife.

  26. Great photos. Also, how can someone, such as myself, take screenshots like these on PS4, perhaps?

  27. Good morning. Cinematic mode, timing, and patience. You can move your character during cinematic and also the camera slightly. I'm on xbox and use the RSB button to force change between angles. I also parked my lantern horse outside a door leading into that room to get the lighting effect at night.

  28. The metal detector flashing is way easier in 1st person. Also, if you don't loathe vibrations, turn them on; it really helps.

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