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  1. Honestly? Nothing sexual or deviant. If a women woke in my body? I would legitimately tell them to experience 2 things. 1. The vast enormity of my appetite, seriously go HAM and eat it all my body can take it. And 2. Go experience the sheer pride of my strength. I am a big guy, worked a long time to be as strong as an ox. I lift cars for show. I want more people to know what they're capable of in that regard.

  2. I would love that so much. I love food but can't eat much at all and get full too quick.The fact that I could eat all the food I wanted without getting full and genuinely enjoying it makes me so happy.

  3. Honestly, what do you want to read? All these questions like "do guys like this" will always result in a reasonable amount of people agreeing to like said thing.

  4. I dont want to read anything in particular. I just want all the women who read these to feel like they too are beautiful and appreciated no matter what they look like or whatever personality they have. And that there's someone out there who would definitely find them attractive and love them for what they are.

  5. Went shopping and saw a dress that was so my type, it was practically love at first sight. But, their XS size was like an M size so had to give up on it or else look like I was wearing oversized clothes. I almost cried in the mall lol. Not the only time it happened. I always buy tops or tees with atleast 3/4 sleeves so that my arms don't look so skinny. So had to give up on many styles I love. Also a hassle to find bras that fit properly and if I find them, they're crazy expensive. Being told to eat a burger atleast once a day. I used to hate my body so bad when I was a teen that I refused taking pictures at all even with my bestfriends. I regret it now because everytime we talk about those days and look at the pictures, I'm not in the picture with them and it hurts to see. But they've been such good friends that they don't let me feel alone at all or feel like I missed out on so much. I have a better view or understanding of my body now. I don't hate but also don't love it. It's just the way it is.

  6. Expecting men to take care of the bill on dates

  7. When you're on a date, be it a man or woman, the person who asked the other party out or decided on the place has to take the monetary responsibility. But sadly women don't ask men out much. So in that case, splitting the bill in half should be the least expected decency. But there is a lack of decent people so...

  8. Which adult above 18 years of age actually thinks disrespecting their parents is cool?

  9. I'm older than 18 and I've seen a lot of guys my age do that sadly.

  10. I recently learnt how to cook and turns out I'm pretty good at it. Even better than the one who taught me. I'm really happy I found atleast one thing I'm good at.

  11. Give them an opportunity to speak their heart and mind. And show them that no matter what I do, i love them and its for them that i do whatever i have to. Even if it's tough, i will show them that they are not lonely and we can get through all the obstacles one step at a time, together. And give them many fun memories.

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