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  1. Yea it was hard. Drexel did a horrible job integrating me as a transfer student. Especially considering welcome week was a mix of adult transfer students and like 17 year old home schooled commuters who had nothing in common.

  2. Not just electrical infrastructure, water treatment facilities, and water systems are having problems. In Minnesota, there were "explorers" in the sewer system under a water treatment center. I am uneasy about all of these events.

  3. People trespass and call it exploring. Storm drain tunnels, sewers, and abandoned buildings are not public spaces. They are restricted. It isn't legitimate, even if many people are doing it.

  4. Oh no, god forbid people trespass in a way that doesn't impact the space at all.

  5. There's a guy a couple streets over with two of these wagons, one LeBaron woody wagon, and some woody Cadillac sedan from the 90s as well.

  6. The class will serve to introduce you to the basics of equity fundamental analysis. You’ll make a DCF model and pitch to the class and be expected to present as a professional. You’ll be given light guidance on how to do things and most of class will be spent talking about the economy and what you need to know for fundamental analysis.

  7. You can dm me for more detail but I was asked about dragonfund in many of my interviews, and some of the interviewers were actually alums of the class themselves. Will 100% say it's worth it to get on your resume, although personally I grew tired of her anecdotes and biased lectures. Very glad I only took the first semester of the two.

  8. I don't get why people vote for a guy just driving by himself out front so much

  9. Datsun b210? Imo not super barn find vibes because the body is pretty trashed. Usually I think a barn find is pretty free of rust and rot no?

  10. The barn finds in Forza are usually pretty messed up in the cutscenes when you find them.

  11. Warminster/Horsham are the worst because even if you have a car they're still a nightmare to get to

  12. What about public transportation. EVs still have a massive barrier for entry and always will for people living in apartments. It's not altruistic to push EVs when money should be going to better and safer public transportation.

  13. They are being fair. Do you think they hear a man's voice and we just talk sports and strip clubs then have a few laughs?

  14. Gamer culture is particularly toxic to women. Everybody who is a gamer shit talks each other but the way boys shit talk girls in games is disgusting. I've heard everything from lewd comments to sexual assault threats. It's especially bad in more aggressive games like call of duty.

  15. This is my point 100%. Some people just believe that it’s okay because you also shit talk to guys. it’s not. Thank you ☺️

  16. Just to clarify, I'm not saying women should be immune from shit talking on video games. I'm just saying they should not be subjected to violently sexual comments.

  17. Is your dumb ass on summer tires? Cuz I got around fine on BF Goodrich Comp2 all seasons

  18. You need to cut the cord and not look back. They're no longer family members they're just birth givers who have leeched off the entire family. You don't owe them anything. If they want to be homeless that's their problem.

  19. Same. Usually trap and brostep bring trashy/douchy vibes. And ravers don't know shit about moshpit etiquette.

  20. i dunno - i don't think it's so much the music just the fact that it's the most popular thing right now. whatever genre fills that comes and goes and brings along with it the douches - I don't automatically brand every bass music fan as a douche so much as most of them are just ignorant about where they 'came from' - but the bros and hos will attach to whatever is hot at that time

  21. There are a lot of genres the bros/hos never pay attention to though no matter how big they get like gabber/dnb/real techno/UK dubstep

  22. IPL was the last truly great car Infiniti made imo. Definitely take it over the camaro.

  23. Do you have a 6 speed already? Going to a 5 would be kind of a downgrade. Upgrade from the auto tho lol

  24. I have an auto and the motor comes with the 5 speed transmission so i figure to just get both since like you said the 5 speed would be an upgrade from the auto

  25. Then yea if it's a good package deal I'd do it. I think it's more special than the 2jz or LS swaps because it stays in the nissan family!

  26. Terrible AWD system. Should launch straight not oversteer throwing you sideways.

  27. Did they do the throwout bearing or literally just the clutch

  28. Reminding me I really need to throw my winter tires on so I can drive it again lol

  29. Turning on your headlights will help a lot. I don't understand why anybody drives without them ever

  30. I always drive with at least running lights, I'd rather pay a few extra for new bulbs than 1000 for an insurance deductible lol

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