Alonso radio: "What an idiot! We had a mega start but (Hamilton) only knows how to drive and start in first

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  1. I remember being so excited to use InvokeAI only to learn that my graphics card is absolute garbage. Think it'll become more accessible soon?

  2. Would it be possible to turn these into a 3d model or point cloud?

  3. Planning to start with a 3060 ti and upgrade when I get addicted.

  4. If AI like Stable Diffusion is your top priority, I recommend you start with the 3060 instead of the 3060 Ti.

  5. Wow, thank you for the gold mine of information! You definitely just unlocked me in my decision making and saved me a ton of research. I’ve heard that 12gb is ideal but thought I was priced out due to the cost of getting a card with such.

  6. I have a similar challenge that I want to create in notion. Did you ever get this created?

  7. Ok, I’m on a mission to find a YouTube tutorial even in the ballpark and finding nothing

  8. This is making me feel financially savvy about some of my purchases growing up.

  9. Cows. Holy hell. Dark and disturbing, yet compelling and clever. It pulled me beyond my usual “I’m done” reaction with intrigue and pretty deep into some grisly scenes about humanity, particularly the lower class and seemingly normalized filth in the community.

  10. I love how it is too. Triangles infill looks rad and people can admire how it was made.

  11. Can you provide an example or publish your Miro template with mock information? This sounds amazing and exactly what I need, but having trouble visualizing it.

  12. Another request to see an example. Going through the same challenge as the OP.

  13. How did your experience with Adam’s Graphene go?

  14. I know. The good news is I spoke with the seller again today and talked him into a bank wire performed inside his bank. We'll sit together until the funds are verified.

  15. It’s perfectly reasonable to insist on cash and to only have one key.

  16. Thank you. In the case of one key what can you do to protect yourself about there potentially being another?

  17. Good deal but Gosh that tech looks like it’s from a few generations ago now.

  18. The fact that he wants a cash buyer isn’t a problem, that’s typical with private party sales because it’s a big hassle otherwise.

  19. It’s a very annoying process. Either you give him the money and trust him. Or, you and him can work with the lender and prepare a process where you pay the lender the remaining loan balance, and then the lender sends you the title directly. It’s not a fast process and you’ll be without plates and registration for some time.

  20. I’m not dealing with this person any longer. There were way too many red flags in our conversation.

  21. Magnussen only had a comeback this year because Russia started a war with Ukraine. Had the war not happened, we'd be Mazespinning through the year, the Russia GP would still be a thing, and Magnussen would be a total afterthought to the F1 fanbase as he continued driving sports cars.

  22. Mother of god, can you imagine what it would be like if Mazepin was still here in today’s Haas that actually has pace.

  23. I’m so frustrated by my experience to get an Ionic/EV6 before the credit expired with no avail, that I turned my attention back to used gas luxury cars. Sorry environment.

  24. I totally get it, I've been very fortunate based on where I live to have access to MSRP dealers. Luckily there are still some excellent used gas luxury cars out there. And eventually the EV market should level out So hopefully you'll get another chance at it soon

  25. I’m hopeful of that. Hopefully biofuels become more widespread over the next few years as well.

  26. I basically discount anything controversial they say whilst driving. Turns out everyone is a psychopath behind the wheel.

  27. So true. I've said worse to people who didn't use their blinker that also posed no real threat to my vehicle or schedule.

  28. I had the same issue, and it turned out that ended the source of my issues were really deeply rooted within my own belief of myself and my poor listening. I took myself out by always thinking whatever I said had to be correct and perfect. As others have mentioned practice, and practice. I also ended up taking two courses that really freed me up from an organization called Landmark. I took the landmark forum and their communication course which, no joke, changed my life and my career as a PM.

  29. What diameter hole are you using for that m3 insert?

  30. Yeah, like if a porsche and volkswagon beetle had a baby...

  31. My first pair was with blue light filter. Found it uncomfortable then five years later I got my second pair with no tint and still get the job done.

  32. If they have their brights on I flash my brights at them

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