1. Same with my sons, hygiene such a fight! Talk to him about why. Does he hate the sound of scissors, then try a buzz (or vice versa if he hates the vibration of the clippers). Does brushing bother him? Explain that short hair doesn't require brushing. Which bothers him more? Smell of the shampoo? Etc. If he's autistic there maybe sensory issues making things harder.

  2. I prefer reading on my kindle, especially the really large books that are hard to hold (especially reading laying in bed). But I like looking at the maps and art on the physical books. It's hard to see them well on my kindle.

  3. It's good he figured out that kind of attitude was a deal breaker before getting married. It probably wouldn't be for some, but that reaction does give insight into a person!

  4. Did you ask if you could stay home from school because you hadn't slept/had a tough time? If so, N T A If not, don't expect an apology from a parent for trying to make sure you got to school then Y T A about that. Now the fight if both of you said mean things, you both should apologize and E S H.

  5. I've been doing school from home for mental health reasons, my psychiatrist and the school have agreed that I finish my last year virtually. My parents were part of this decision. I couldn't fit this in the post sorry.

  6. Oh, so your schedule is flexible? Then sleeping in should be fine as long as the work gets done. NTA except apologize for yelling/saying something rude. Specifically say what you're sorry for (not including needing sleep).

  7. Don't feel too stressed. Changing majors is so common in college. And you're in your first year taking pre requisite classes!

  8. Could be a path to law school too, I believe. I know several lawyers who each do totally different things: prosecutor, contracts (reading contracts all day sounds like torture to me, but they like it!), legal aid helping people in need, divorces, worked for a nonprofit...

  9. Where do you find the annotations and did I never know?

  10. NTA for setting boundaries. Tell the student you can meet for a set time to discuss her ideas and offer suggestions but can't do more as it has to be her paper. If she pushes, explain the serious consequences of academic misconduct.

  11. Info: it was a “were grilling at the house on Sunday so dont make plans” kind of thing. We also expected to spend her actual birthday with her as she still lives with us and in our family we usually cut a cake on the evening of our birthday at home. But she basically said we can do that Sunday and I’ll spend my birthday and the following weekend out celebrating.

  12. Oh it's her house too? As an adult we often celebrate on a different day because it's easier. Even my kids are fine with this as it prolongs the birthday celebration! (If there isn't much time on the actual day we still do a little something that day)

  13. Cover the pages with packing tape or get them laminated. Trim the edges with scissors to make smooth, just don'tget too close to the paper so the edges stay sealed and don't quickly peel apart. Dry erase markers work on that. Add cardstock to stiffen them up more if you want. If the paper is double sided use 2 with cardstock in between.

  14. How did he intend for Aes Sedai to be pronounced? I go for Eye Suh-die. And it’s Sen-shen to me. Edge-when. Nuh-nave. Where do you find all the official pronunciations for RJ?

  15. Well to start there are pronunciations in the glossary. So Egg wain, Nye neev, Shawn chan. Eye suh die is right I think. RJ saying pronunciations though, idk where to find them

  16. NTA on telling people you're autistic. It's part of you, so your choice, not his. However, if he felt strongly wanting to be the one to handle his mom, knowing it would be an issue for her, I'd understand that. But he should have talked to you about that before you went there so you knew. You can't read his mind and don't know his mom at all.

  17. You have to know where you are well. You don't have to know where you're going well. It's weird.

  18. That was the hardest I laughed in the entire series. It was pure genius and so in character for Mat. He managed to pull a prank off during the Last Battle.

  19. That and the cannons in some enclosed cavern, open gateway, fire, close gateway. Those 2 things omg! So genius!

  20. I was upset with my husband on mother's day a few times because he wouldn't even remind the kids to say happy mother's day let alone anything else. Last straw, no "happy mother's day" or other acknowledgement from anyone, and then I had asked the week before if we could go try a certain restaurant, he agreed. At dinner time he asks what I want. Surprised, I ask if we were going to the place I requested and he seemed confused. Said but we'd need reservations, it's mother's day, no way could we just go, they won't have tables. I lost it then. I'm not his mother, but he can remind the kids and help them if needed. For Father's day, the kids help me get something for him. They pick out and I pay, but they needed my reminder that Father's day was coming. That year we got him something he'd been wanting for years but never got for himself. He was so happy! Though I sure felt like skipping it!

  21. NTA one suggestion is bring the kids when you bring the sides. Stay for a little bit so everyone who wants to see the kids can, then excuse yourself saying sorry, you have another family obligation and go to your sister's.

  22. Not for a 4 yo imo. I'd wait til a bit older since it splits into so many perspectives and is pretty dark.. mine would have had a hard time with nightmares being somewhat real in book 1. Oldest loved WOT and Brandon Sanderson by late middle school.

  23. NTA, it's his money and there isn't much time left to re-save for college. And hospitals will work with you to set up a payment plan. Do that instead or take out a loan yourselves.

  24. Honestly I need to finish it simply to see what all this hate is about. The first four episodes(what I’ve seen so far) make some changes I’m disappointed about(and confused) but they captured the feel so well I can’t bring myself to actually care. Though it probably helps that I only just read it for the first time last year.

  25. Oh I felt the same. Ok, see it as another turning of the wheel. I can deal. I expected some changes and could enjoy the show. But just wait, you'll probably agree with the hate if you continue watching.

  26. Why not call your aunt yourself? Explain mom forgot to ask sooner and see if she will help. Or did she ask and aunt said no? NTA especially when there was a possible solution.

  27. Your ex does not have to give you information because your daughter is an adult. Your ex is not keeping your daughter away, your daughter is choosing to have no contact. If you decide to go (and can go), please don't force an interaction which might cause a scene. But keep reaching out. Have you apologized for your part in the disagreement? As someone else suggested, send a gift, and later write a letter apologizing and asking to talk. If she agrees, start slow, don't get pushy.

  28. NAH I totally understand wanting a whole day together, but I also understand work stuff that is out of your control, especially when it's your business you need to keep running.

  29. Tough situation.. I think NAH as you were looking out for your friend, but its understandable hoping a friend would be your cheerleader vs a reality check.. reality check is needed here though, it sounds like!

  30. There was a conversation with Taim about how they deal with this kind of situation in the black tower. It is implied Rand did this for Morr, but not explicitly shown.

  31. The person doing the traveling needs online access. So either buy it for just that person or a family account for everyone, depending on what you need.

  32. Check with your college to see if they offer internet hotspots for students. University I work for started to do this during the pandemic. They also had some money for students experiencing financial hardship to apply for.

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