1. Unless you want to have different tunes on them (like grip, drag and drift). Also I don't see any dupes in there?

  2. In the sensor cleaning menu there should be an option to "Clean now", I've heard this remaps the pixels to remove any hot pixels. Worked on my 200DII/250D/SL3 and RP (although it took a few tries on the RP)

  3. They did this to prevent you from using quicker cars in lower class races

  4. But now I can't use any car I want in rally... this is really bad

  5. James it's Ferrari, please abort the fastest car attempt

  6. No idea actually, although this is in Taiwan so I wouldn't be surprised if it was allowed! It might be a different story in Australia

  7. Telstra has a flash sale on the Flip 4 right now, $1199 for 128GB

  8. Why are you so motivated to avoid advertising the dealer

  9. Does he think hordes of Redditors are suddenly gonna start showing up there to buy cars if he comments the location lol

  10. One of the subreddit rules is literally "no advertising" and I believe that saying "the car is in dealership X, go check it out" might break that rule.

  11. Fair, personally I don't think the mods would be so strict! Would have been keen to take a look around the area (in street view, not IRL of course)

  12. Might be intentional since the shop is called a tofu cafe not a tofu shop?

  13. Ah gotcha, thought you were talking about the car door not the shop door. My bad!

  14. That's odd, i heard that they should last for at least 5 years. Might have to be careful with my own SD card.

  15. Yeah it's never happened to me before and it's put me off buying a Samsung card again

  16. I don’t think it is actually him unless he got a nose job

  17. Great looking Pajero, but it's not an Evolution. The Evolution was based on the '99 blister fenders Pajero/Montero, this one is the previous gen that never had an Evo variant.

  18. Yep was thinking the spoiler is the wrong shape

  19. And what a car, I don't think anyone makes a V8 RWD manual wagon anymore

  20. Might be because the more recently added cars like the Quattro tend to have better handling and slide less despite having a lower grip stat?

  21. Possibly a first gen z3 in this picture?

  22. Thanks! As a Taiwanese I'm disappointed in myself lol

  23. I am not sure i though the GT3 was more aggressive in looks.

  24. It's the other way around, GT2 is more hardcore/aggressive than GT3

  25. I thought the premise of the GT2RS was basically to make a crazier GT3 out of a Turbo(obviously being more hardcore). Which makes me wonder why there used to be GT2 models🤔

  26. I presume it's to do with homologation, the original GT2 was probably made so that they could enter a race car in the GT2 class

  27. Go for the M50 mkII, I had a 250D and I've used an M50 mkII, they're pretty much the same camera but the M50 is mirroless and smaller, I'd have gone for that one instead of the 250D had that been an option when I bought it

  28. Agree, the only real advantage of the 250D is its battery life

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