1. Well medicine is science, it doesn't know gender. Just because a gynecologist is a man doesn't mean he is weird or bad. If he IS a bad gynecologist, he is a bad doctor overall, and he would be bad in any other field. And in most of the cases you cannot choose specifically your specialization, it depends on the need. I have a male friend and he is a gynecologist, and he chose that profession mostly because he found it interesting and the most beautiful branch of medicine.

  2. Just curious - in the US, medical students have a lot of autonomy in choosing their specialty, dependent on their competitiveness and match spots available. Is that not the case elswehere?

  3. Not quite, you cannot choose to be in a surgery field if you were an average student, only the top top ones get to enter these fields. There are some prejudices (some truth to them) that for example dermatology is usualy taken by not that good students. Generaly, weak students go to conservative branches, meaning no surgery. I would say in most of the Europe, especially part where I come from, your field depends only on the need for that type of doctor. But still even if students did have full autonomy, man entering gynecology is not weird. It is just a profession. Of course there are bad doctors, just as there are bad professionals in any other field.

  4. Totally get that which is why I said dependent on their competitiveness!

  5. I often wonder what they would prefer happen when the problem is painful periods.

  6. Something something find the “root cause” with a naturopath or “hormone specialist” shilling expensive unproven supplements

  7. She looks great! Is she planning to compete soon? I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen her.

  8. I don’t think so - pretty sure she’s taking this calendar year off. Can’t wait to see her back!

  9. Not to mention where I work we have 15 min to see Returns which is rarely enough

  10. Read this as re-runs (like old tv shows) at first and I was like huh, interesting SOP 😂

  11. Am I the only one who thinks they should ditch the point system and just go off of pro wins? Too many people, especially the bikini division.

  12. Only the top 3 in the points standings make it to the Olympia. Previous Olympia winners are eligible for life, and top 3 in the previous year's Olympia qualify for next year's (for bikini - it's top 5 for men's open). More is here:

  13. I've heard people say this, but considering it's only 3 people that qualify on points, removing the points system wouldn't dramatically reduce the bikini competitors at the Olympia (to the point of there being too many competitors).

  14. I feel like most have non fitness jobs? Competing is expensive after all. Lawna Dunbar is a teacher. Brittany Gillespie is a nurse. Elenoa works a corporate job.

  15. There are so many bikini pros that you’re probably right! I think my perception is skewed by those placing top 5 at shows - it seems like whenever I look them up they’re coaches, but that’s a small segment of the overall group. It’s probably realistic to say the top competitors (Olympians and those high on the points leaderboard) are overwhelmingly in coaching/fitness and it’s more of a mixed bag with the rest of the competitors.

  16. Devyn Cambre is a nurse and so is Alexis Adams. Vania Auguste is a teacher. That’s all I can think of from the top of my head right now

  17. Glad you all enjoy it! The screenshare does help I think. We have a decent number of YouTube subscribers now and ladies/guys on live with us so it makes it more fun. I’ll have a good topic tonight too!

  18. The fact that so many competitors come to the lives is great too, because they can immediately chime in with the feedback they received or changes they're making for future shows. Thanks for making them happen!

  19. This is not a dig. This does happen, but the goal should not be a pro card, but a pro physique regardless of the division. It happens. Out of curiosity was this a taller class…forgive my lazyness for not looking.

  20. Yes it was - it was the tallest and smallest class. Class D with 5 competitors.

  21. I was just looking at the link you sent! Wellness is gonna be very tough for any taller athlete structurally. Creating the correct ratios is huge and if you’re gonna be tall, it’s not going to match the current standard if you’re on the taller side. Thanks for linking it.

  22. Just come in well-practiced in posing, appropriately developed and conditioned, and confident in your presentation. There are black women who have gone pro bald (Brittany Anne - not sure of spelling). They will not deny a win because of your hair alone.

  23. I'd kill for her hourglass shape and that booty though. But agreed, not close to stage lean.

  24. She also has endo and the weight/water fluctuations can be unpredictable and tough. I am rooting for her in her next show!

  25. I’ll never understand why in the bikini back shot nobody pulls their hair aside to show off your back. Is it because the focus is supposed to be on the glutes and it will distract from that? Feels like such a shame to not show off that back development you worked so hard for…

  26. A developed back isn’t in the bikini criteria so it can only hurt a competitor. Also she competes in wellness, not bikini

  27. So does it benefit a bikini or wellness competitor to scale back on their back training?

  28. OP or another competitor can reply but my understanding is they train rear delts and lats hard but other back hypertrophic training is largely incidental

  29. Liana should probably take this one. She’s had a rough week though based on insta. Erin will be strong too. I’m also rooting for Corey.

  30. I think him acting like Michelle is the proxy Amanda on such a public front is unhinged personally. I'm not an Amanda fan nowadays at all, but those who have been in the bodybuilding world a while cannot deny Amanda's impact on the bikini category.

  31. Can you (or someone else with the context) say more about her impact? I'm unfamiliar with her!

  32. But she hasn’t qualified yet, has she? I don’t see her name here

  33. Not a fan on Lucia’s glam

  34. I do think it's an improvement from her last show - her hair is less distracting

  35. She also might not be able to depending on her covid vaccination status. If she’s not vaccinated, she can still enter the country since she’s a citizen, but you still can’t fly on any Canadian flights without a vaccine passport. So it would have to be via land border crossing in a car.

  36. I thought the Arnold this year required vaccinations?

  37. No way. Maureen is a pretty outspoken anti-vaxxer.

  38. I like her. I’ve watched some of her YouTube. She’s in grad school and goes to the gym at like 5am daily. It’s refreshing to see

  39. What's she in grad school for? That's cool to hear!

  40. I ran into a former patient while out and about. That happens once in a while, and my standard procedure is to completely ignore the person, go on with my business, and if it's a current patient discuss later during an appointment. With some patients, I try to avoid contact entirely if I can. He would have been one of those.

  41. I think it's nuts she gets so much hate on these boards. She's an OG, done so much for the sport since the early days, great sportsmanship, never talks shit about other competitors, even when ppl like Carla garthewaite, jourdanne, Ashlyn little say snarky shit. She competes a lot because she treats it like a job, a profession, and IMO she's very professional. She leaves her personal life out of social media, unlike LL (who I LOVE btw, but all the unnecessary drama surrounding her is like...meh). Ashley does listen to feedback, posing has gotten better even if it's at a snails pace, she knows she has things to improve on and doesn't act at all entitled to wins. She might be a little (or a lot) unrelatable in the sense that she's quitr quirky, doesn't fit the mold, but literally stays in her lane. I think ppl should give her way more respect than she gets.

  42. Erin stern used to do figure and now does bikini

  43. Why would a whole foods be subsidized in a low economic area? A grocery store, absolutely. A Whole Foods though? Unless they had different prices, it seemed destined to fail.

  44. Not disagreeing with you but they offered a different more limited and lower-priced range of products than their other stores

  45. I didn’t realize you could use something for only four weeks and it make any difference in that little amount of time.

  46. Cutting agents like clen could definitely be used for a short time. Building muscle generally takes longer

  47. https://contests.npcnewsonline.com/contests/2022/ifbb_wasatch_warrior_pro/theresa_miller/

  48. Oh man...I forgot about Penelope Trunk. They would run that column on yahoo finance and she would say the dumbest shit. It was so pro-corporate that you would think it was satire. The comments were always entertaining because nobody liked her.

  49. Her personal blog/website is really something else though it's more sad than snarkable

  50. whoever shared that David Rakoff essay ty so much!

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