Queen Elizabeth II, has died

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[OC] Dad visiting US for the first time, first wish was to see a clean river.

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  1. Thank god hitlers racist daughter died too. Hopefully people will read history and realize these racist cunts are not worth talking about either.

  2. Ooohhhh shhiiiitttt, OP is a big fat phony!

  3. There is no lie here, after my mom passed away we reached a point where i was disowned. And we were not in contact at all, I rebuild the relationship with my dad and he finally decided to visit.

  4. you know what else is exhausting after more than 2 years? Fucking fortune tellers who only repeat what happened during the last months, repeat stuff everyone already heard about and act like they're talking about some secret shit only they know.

  5. I love you 💕! As much as I have people like you m glad you’re alive.

  6. Just because I know someone is going to misread this, it’s a prohibition on state employee travel to these states during the course of their employment.

  7. This kinda nutting has real life consequences!

  8. First one appears to be an American Beech. Second is a Southern Magnolia.

  9. Sticking to my original guesses. The second is definitely

  10. 2nd looks like Magnoilia. Agree with 3rd ID. 1st may be Beech but not positive.

  11. Thanks Coach. Here’s the closeup pics of leaf

  12. The cocaine is in one of the shipping containers. Your challenge is to determine which one.

  13. Doing an x ray scan with UV light bounce technique to find traces. Container B5 from top right is a suspicious chief.

  14. Mistyped! Corrected it to replaced. Smoother the blades less battery it takes for drone to position itself

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