1. That doesn't mean the format has to always involve the girl doing the dumb thing.

  2. No kidding. It's memes like these that make Catholics look like misogynists.

  3. How? It’s not dumb to want to meet your grandmother when she was a young woman. It just says that guys tend to do more outlandish stuff. i.e., going to 66mya and stopping the meteor from hitting the earth, or giving guns to crusaders.

  4. I don't know about you, but the impression I got from this and prior similar memes is that women would use time machines for frivolous things while men would use them for more noble purposes. Why else do you think memes after this one were reversed?

  5. I think trying to address these questions (hypotheticals) is very difficult.

  6. I think this is a good response. Would you say that this would be somewhat similar to asking, "What happens when we meet aliens?"

  7. Three countries: Indonesia, Canada, and United States.

  8. My opinion is that original sin makes us all vulnerable to misunderstanding one another, in a Tower or Babel sort of way.

  9. Prudence may require you to stop listening to the songs. You may be putting yourself in near occasions of sin.

  10. I agree to some extent but ad orientem is probably the most urgent fix of all.

  11. My priest celebrates ad orientem, and has so for years, but it does nothing for me. Altar rails, male-only altar servers, better music, incense, better art, and many other small things make the NO more reverent.

  12. You seem to be convinced that it's the most "urgent fix". I'm not sure why.

  13. It wasn’t a private revelation, it was witnessed by close to a million people.

  14. That is not a definition of private vs public in the case of revelation. Jesus's life and ministry are considered to be public, as it's meant for everyone to know. His Church is part of that public revelation. There are more well-known devotions, apparitions, and miracles throughout history than the one you have mentioned, but a Catholic need not believe in them to be saved.

  15. If we are going about this in a hypothetical way, we can also assume that the complete opposite can happen, where one makes a deal with the devil, hoping to outsmart him, but then falls completely astray and said person becomes a victim, suffering as a puppet for the rest of his life. Only God's grace, and not by the person's own merit, will save him from his own foolishness.

  16. This. Not just Christmas, but any holiday you can name, my dad would used to (and still) ask if we want to go out to eat (at a Chinese restaurant).

  17. Dragon Age: Origins, in an abstract sort of way. I was antagonistic towards any form of organized religion, but DAO was actually quite fair and intelligent about it. Characters were smart in their defense and justification of spirituality. Made me think that spiritual people weren't necessarily blind.

  18. Not necessary if this is mostly ceremonial. I do get what you're trying to say, but this kind of comment can appear to scream 'toxic masculinity'.

  19. I think there is still a clash of generations. I recall looking at old photographs where every male shipbuilding worker would have been considered overdressed by today's standards, with suspenders, shirt with collar, leather shoes, straight pants, and a hat. No jeans, baggy pants, or hoodies among working class men; the old style clothes were suitable for going to mass, as long as they're clean.

  20. 10 years ago , I would have been game lol. Since then I have married and had two kids, so remaining free time goes towards recording music and playing board games!

  21. Plus one for the original GW. Had some memorable gaming experience there, both single and multiplayer. Great soundtrack also.

  22. The past decade or so, S.Korea has been going through something of a renaissance, exporting much knowledge and art. Hard to imagine that, in the early 2000s, which is not that long ago, most wouldn't even consider this country when thinking of music, movies, and TVs, and washing machines. Unfortunately, all that worldly success has translated into low birth rates, materialism, and much social pressures and anxiety.

  23. My experience with TLM is limited, so I say Divine Liturgy or a very reverent NO. DL and NO can be said in the vernacular, which is pretty big.

  24. Aside, quantum fluctuations, basically spawn a pair of virtual particles which annihilate almost immediately making them immesureable thus not breaking the rule that something can come from nothing

  25. Not my realm of expertise, but it sounds like there still was something; immeasurable but observable.

  26. This absolutely breaks my heart. I have the same condition she has (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), and I can completely sympathize with the pain and suffering she was going through in not being able to access proper health care (as I’m in the same boat). But it’s so messed up that the government would rather kill her than give her the care she needs. We need Jesus.

  27. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing the same condition as the woman in the article. How are you dealing with the struggle from a faith standpoint?

  28. It’s hard. Really hard. There are lots of Sundays that I can’t make it to Mass due to being in so much pain I can’t get out of bed. I try to use those days as a day of prayer because I’m not able to do anything else then. My mom is becoming a Eucharistic minister so she can take communion to me on those days. I read Scripture. I watch Catholic channels on YouTube as entertainment. But it’s a really hard struggle to keep up with my faith while struggling with chronic pain and my body failing me in nearly every way possible with no help from doctors.

  29. Thank you for sharing. I can't imagine the things you are going through. 🙏🙏

  30. Cloud's appears more forgivable given the Jenova cells. Contrast this with Kain, whose envy and lack of certain courage sowed seeds ripe for mind control. Kain is a favourite character in FF4 for me. Still, he deserves the shaming in many ways.

  31. It’s important to realize that such a community would still be formed by weak sinners. Adultery, rude people, dishonest people, etc would all still exist, but hopefully less.

  32. This is the answer. Nothing much would change.

  33. Am a convert. Was a secular humanist, a teacher, writer. Believe in the dignity and worth of each person. Only one institution on earth upholds this - the Catholic Church.

  34. This is just gorgeous. Very imaginative! Made with a lot of love.

  35. Thank you for your response father. Paul and his words are always the most frustrating to deal with, especially the epistles and letters.

  36. Read enough of his writings and one would get a sense he had some form of a personality disorder. He also wrote with his heart on his sleeves and travelled a lot, so his pastoral approaches also vary. As he was the Apostle to the Gentiles, he was often teaching to those who had zero knowledge of the Old Testament and had cultural values very different than those who were Jewish.

  37. What if you are studying the occult as a way to know what to protect yourself from? The same way people don’t study cancer to get cancer but to heal it?

  38. My opinion is that some form of open communication needs to be established between you and your husband about what is appropriate at home. Guy's talk can be inappropriate, and although my own workplace is rife with it, it is possible and even respected to refrain from crudeness.

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