1. 10:30pm ? time of incident or time of filling out the report?

  2. awesome! thats it exactly, except for the 585 material!! thank you very much!!

  3. Do you really buy the watch because it's been to been to the moon? You want it as historically accurate as possible? Buy the hesalite. But, the watch itself is very different compared to the original, so I wouldn't bother.

  4. hi! curious if anyone would be interested here, as headline reads, I want to sell it. 320$ or best offer. located in Los Angeles. yall are welcome to ask any questions about it!

  5. She doesnt actually drive like this, because its illegal. Shed get pulled over and arrested in a heart beat.

  6. feel like that fabric is gonna get caught by the wheel…

  7. This one. Made with vintage Omega strap molds. I have it in brown.

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