1. Amon wasn't feeling petty. It was a full moon Amon couldn't take Korra's bending even if he wanted to

  2. why are you using a pattern provider instead of a interface?

  3. Regarding to the documentation the pattern provider are used for the auto-crafting.

  4. the interface used to store patterns for autocrafting, did they rename it in the newer versions of AE2?

  5. Lending your IRA to Robinhood, with their current financial status? Brave could be a word.

  6. he would still be lending out shares to robinhood even if he didn't consent to it

  7. Sounds to me like wallstreet needs more liquidity

  8. Now use 100% evasion on level 3 sura i dare you

  9. whats the deal with the numerons? i dont see no numeron network in the deck so how is he summoning them?

  10. Yeah, nade boost is very very niche and not really usable in games unfortunately

  11. Its a usefull thing to keep in mind for when your opponent nade boosts you

  12. So when I see a grenade go up in the air I hope it lands near a mantle surface and prepare to superglide??!

  13. Exactly you need to be prepared for when it happens in that 1 game out of 10000

  14. Roaring Kitty and the black swan event called MOASS

  15. what are the actual details of this merge are they actually doing a 1:10 reverse stock split?

  16. Maybe a week ago, it’s on the marketplace I do suggest it

  17. i dont think you need to call. Im pretty sure you can do it with just a few clicks on the website

  18. please delete post like you did in other subs

  19. registered and signed already up to 1155 supporters

  20. 0x4aec9dbcef628234c9c00c9cc96436d093dc57b2

  21. No you do not need to deposit money to get vertified, They will vertify you in the next 2 days on their own The option is there so that you will have money available as soon as you get vertified

  22. i play dinos so all i need is Apollo/dolkka to negate Arvamax's attack boost and UCT to attack over

  23. Etoro je scam od brokerja vse je preko CFD-jeu in ti zaradi tega ne dobis nobenih pravic kot shareholder. Najboljsi mednarodni broker je IBKR in ti dovoli dosti vec stvari kakor etoro

  24. I thought this sword only was available for 1.7. What’s this mod called so I can get it?

  25. Irritative improvement is also a good one you copy Catastrophe, summon it for 1 mana, block the opponents catastrophe and than attack next turn with a 31/1 overwhelm

  26. do you have a cash or magin account? i believe only margin accounts can trade options

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