1. I watch a YouTube called VladIsRad and she says she makes more on WhatNot than she does on Posh

  2. COO wants to see things in data.

  3. Sellers need a place to vent sometimes. None of my friends would understand the struggle of being lowballed or someone making an offer and never paying

  4. I wish it was that easy but having a bad job, working with toxic people, having a borderline abusive boss, and burnout can mess you up for years. Therapy is definitely needed sometimes.

  5. Some of the collab items can sell for higher prices but you will need to look at exact designs. The market is fickle with them too so something that was selling for 50-70 can sell for 20-30 a month later. Target liquidates all over the country and at multiple outlets so once others figure out a hot item the resell market gets flooded. Stoney Clover Lane is a recent example of this happening. Tabitha brown is selling well right now. I sold a dress for $43 last week. I’d imagine the price will be dropping very soon though.

  6. Man, didn’t realize all my fellow Floridian natives noted the same dramatic change when moving here. These roads suck ass. Seems like Florida did get one thing right, sure is easier to drive in the rain and at night.

  7. I don’t think anyone knows. Not even Poshmark themselves know probably

  8. There will be some instances where I will put an unknown brand that’s not in Mercari’s system and it will say “brand in review” and I’ll check back a couple days later and it has some other completely different brand like Tommy Hilfiger or something so I give people the benefit of the doubt. I’d be pissed if someone reported me when it wasn’t my fault

  9. What is the reason for this change?

  10. IMO, I fell like they know most people don’t use it the right way anyway

  11. I've never been to the Asheville location, but judging on the Burial location here versus in Asheville, it seems like the Asheville brewers don't understand that Charlottians *want* that Asheville vibe, not some sanitized version.

  12. This! I love Burial but I feel like they toned down the vibe here. Bhramari too

  13. I didn’t like any of the beers either. It’s too crowded right now for me to want to go back until the hype dies down

  14. I’ve seen people use those on themselves and it always looks bad. Don’t do it

  15. How does yours not look dirty? I can’t stop product from coming out of the tube from this concealer 😭

  16. I got a message the other day with an actual heart emoji and I was wondering how she did it

  17. Good question! Yes, you are allowed to delete the listing even if you sent an offer to buyers. Mercari isn’t like Poshmark in this regard. 😊

  18. I got duped by one of those arcades. Here I am thinking I'm about to play House of the dead or Pac-Man and I got a much different scene

  19. Do you have prior experience? It’s unlikely you’d get hired as a server at a high volume restaurant without it. You can start as a host, bar back, food runner, or server assistant

  20. There’s a lot of restaurants hiring and they hire quickly. If you don’t have experience you can work as a host, food runner, server assistant, etc

  21. I don't want to pile on the anti-brewery train, and I love breweries...but man it feels like we're actually single handedly trying to kill the brewery trend on an accelerated time table. At some point there has got to be some kind of contraction? I can really only think of one that failed and wasn't replaced with a brewery (that pirate one off Morehead).

  22. Agreed. I just wonder what’s going to happen to all these breweries when they do become less of a trend..

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