1. Social media for dispensaries are just saying you need a valid ID, not specially a missouri ID. Obviously lm not an authority, just a semi sentient AI here on the net. But that should be fine.

  2. Perfect thanks for this. I'm in town from Canada and was worried I couldn't buy because of the ID issue.

  3. If HR has to start the offer with "unfortunately" then that is a very bad sign.

  4. They know it's shit and are probably tired of experiencing ground hog day over and over trying to fill it.

  5. not really any advice but i get it :( my ex stopped and then complained about how “boring” it was, despite me trying hard, and decided to romance other people because it was more fun and exciting. Think a lot of them need to realise that putting in a little bit of effort can make the relationship go a long way. that’s what makes you love them more and keep that spark

  6. I wish my ex did all those things when we were together. I always try to put in effort with acts of service, little gifts, and romantic getaways.

  7. I can’t think of a less compelling narrative than one emerging from that brutish redacted’s mouth.

  8. Currently the nearest one is in Dallas. I'm hoping we have that mid West expansion soon

  9. They are expanding to Nashville and Tennessee. We aren't too far away. Hopefully in time.

  10. A PS5 will always be there for you. You can play with it at any time, it's a one time capital investment, you can press it's buttons without it yelling at you, you choose what games to play instead of the games she will play with you, and it will never betray you. Easy choice.

  11. Yeah this is basically how Theranos operated. The only reason Elizabeth Holmes got prosecuted was because they didn't come up with a working model before the entire house of cards fell down. Loads of businesses, and definitely Tesla, are operating that same way. Fake it till you make it.

  12. She was also fucking with people's healthcare and diagnoses.

  13. I get sad that everyone has their phones out, instead of, you know, dancing.

  14. We are right on track for the dystopian society portrayed in Wall-E.

  15. Great book. Most apropos for the occasion.

  16. But apparently not a problem for McCarthy according to you

  17. Did I say that? I'm Canadian and can't vote in your two party system. I would consider myself a moderate.

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