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  1. Ya smells are the worst for bringing nostalgia. I don't feel I want to fall in love again with fear of going through this shit again

  2. I’m around 50 odd days of NC and broken up back in mid June from a 2.5 year relationship.

  3. Day 51 NC over here (nearly 2 yr relationship, BU in May)...this past week has been hell on me too. Nearly broke it a few times these past days but didn't. Hoping to get to 60 and possibly reassess.

  4. I'm basically EXACTLY in the same spot. And was hit hard when out with my son playing - I felt like no time had passed and I just pictured her smiling and being with me. Grabbing and pulling her close. Wanted to call her

  5. Maybe I'm stupid, but I think that the first line should be extend (if you aren't using @tool) then in another line you create the Class.

  6. Sorry, looks like @ is used only on Godot 4.

  7. So cool and has so much potential! Did you draw everything yourself? Looks amazing, this must have been an enormous amount of work.

  8. This code is attached to a tilemap node? Not kicking out any errors? Curious if you get same result using the regular version, tilemap.setcell(x, y, 0).

  9. Thank you - how do I update the bitmask? I"m actually facing this problem now and i can't seem to figure it out from online searches.

  10. I might be wrong, but I think the thing that needs to be local to scene is the material and not the shader?

  11. I did try it at the material level and it didn't work. When I do it in the designer (design time) it works - so odd, really want to figure this out

  12. They don't care, it's only been a year since people have had to deal with staffing issues at service jobs and the conversation hasn't moved past "pay them more." Nobody wants to even think about the fact that it's the private rental market at fault

  13. There are so many sour individuals in this sub that just want to believe people who are wealthy didn't work for it or are tyrants.

  14. Most wealthy people are at least one of those, but not all. Stereotypes based on experience I suppose

  15. There's no doubt there was a lot of help from parents, but I'm living proof that it can be done from going to nothing to making how 100 of thousands a year if you work hard and save.

  16. Firstly, nothing kills attraction quicker than asking the questions that you are asking. You are more analytical and looking for reasons that she will be with or NOT be with you and this is so you feel safe. But this isn't a way to invoke feelings/emotions which is what a girl wants.

  17. Honestly I never thought about it like that but I absolutely see what you mean now, I probably shouldn't have asked those questions haha, would you say I should pull back a little bit and see how she reacts or what would you do in this scenario? Thanks a lot for showing me this!

  18. Yes, when in doubt, always pull back. Being too far away and unavailable is more attractive than being too available. Being too available and in a persons space is a good way to make yourself look like low value and you will be taken for granted.

  19. Evening dining places. I just went to Perch in downtown LA. It was pretty cool. Go up to the 16th floor which has a rooftop lounge at around 6:30 - 7 and watch the sun come down while you’re surrounded by skyscraper buildings. Go down to the 15th floor and enjoy a nice medium rare steak with cheese truffle fries.

  20. Cool- thanks a lot for the intel! I'll have a look

  21. I don't think this specific case is supported out of the box. May I ask what this is for, why you need this particular behaviour?

  22. So what I'm trying to do, is that when a robot is destroyed, pieces of the robot fly off. So if the main torso shatters - I want each piece to break and fly all over (about 8 pieces) and I want those 8 pieces to be a section of it exactly (so one unique piece per particle).

  23. Yes the number of robots would be very high. But it's not really just sprites - it's that I would have to add the logic of the movement of those sprites - meaning for every frame the sprite would have to move and follow some sort of arc (simulate roughly gravity, fly upwards and then downwards). So every frame those calculations would cause a lot of CPU?

  24. Implement your own slide solver via move_and_collide, which snaps to whole numbers.

  25. Not really sure how I could do that - I need move_and_slide which makes things more complicated?

  26. That’s strange. I got jitters when zooming but this solved with viewport settings. If you can’t figure out a setting based solution you could try out to vector.round() your stuff when performing the movement part. Doesn’t look that expensive.

  27. How would I use the .round in the conext of move_and_slide?

  28. But this doesn't actually explain the allegory at all - you merely explained what happened in the film. Allegory isn't actually about what happened physically in a story or film - it's about the underpinning that aligns with a different meaning altogether. Like a poem, the meaning isn't in the words themselves.

  29. Thank you very much :) Let me try to wrap my head around this and implement it

  30. It actually should simplify things if you're consistent! For top-down perspective games it's easier to do all your game logic as though every object was completely flat, then just render it as though they have height.

  31. Ahhhh okay - I get it and see :) thanks again so much.

  32. Yeah making it visually clear what will collide with what is tricky especially if your game relies on fast and precise movement. I think you can mitigate that by making sure all your bullets are pretty close to the ground and/or adding a shadow of where its actual hitbox is.

  33. Yes, i'm going to have to give this much more thought. I think I can also solve by just ensureing all guns and bullet spawns are simply outside fo the character. Nuclear throne does this

  34. Yes, but I'm too stupid to figure out how to wrap around a vector and make it move towards a point

  35. Feed the current distance to the target into a sine function, it will give you an oscillating value, you can scale the distance to scale the frequency of the oscillation. Then you can swap the x and y of the direction vector to get a vector that is perpendicular to itself. Normalize the perpendicular vector and then multiply it by the sine you already calculated. You can scale the sine to increase how much it oscillates by. That will give you a position offset that you can add to the projectiles position to make it oscillate toward the target.

  36. thank you, let me try to wrap my head around this and implement this. cheers!

  37. I work out like crazy, bike to commute and work a laborious job and am still quite sof because I love happy hour. It's all abt diet/calories in/calories out. You can find any workout program on the internet and save the PT bucks.

  38. Ya, I'm not talking about losing fat - I'm talken about gaining muscle. I got those abs for summer, but wanna be JACKED - know'm sayen?

  39. Raycast is the preferred method of calculating fast moving collisions. Increasing physics framerate is more heavy handed as it will increase the number of calculations done for ALL physics objects.

  40. thanks for this explanation - this makes so much sense. I can see why raycast is the way to go - especially since not ALL my bullets will be moving that fast - only some. Cheers!

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