1. Kinda crazy how Eternal Flower Floette has managed to stick around in the game code for so long despite never actually being obtainable.

  2. i think it’s cool that it’s around, i hope it sticks around forever, until we leave the xy timeline at least (yeah ss probably isn’t in the same timeline but eternal floette means it might be)

  3. Physical Ghost is also kinda limited outside of Shadow Claw which is 70. Poltergeist is in the game but no one learns it anymore.

  4. poltergeist was so cool cause it balanced out knock a bit. sadly they just overhauled everything this gen., makes me sad

  5. no but often it’s how we deal with them. it’s the same thing with “trans abled people”, which is just a new name for it that makes some conservatives mad. they basically believe they either are missing that body part or should be, and the only way to prevent them from hurting themselves or to remove it. which sucks ass. often that’s how you deal with metal illnesses

  6. Yeah only difference is they fly, so its more like flying bears and flying wolves, and they move as proficiantly as they swim in the sea which for them big bitey fuckers can be a bit of a problem. Image a massive orca or great white swooping out of the sky to come take a little nibble out of those cheeks me sees when you are running away. Sounds terrifying to me.

  7. sharks aren’t really that fast though, have you seen the videos of them just swimming up to humans and then being pushed away? they also don’t eat humans, worst case they’ll chomp off an arm and you’ll bleed to death.

  8. Zebediah Kilgrave aka the Purple Man. He's definitely weak and relies on others to do his bidding. His persuasive powers (pheromones) will get him to the top in no time. Probably would have to be the MCU version though, since he looks normal.

  9. i was stupid confused for a minute about who you were talking sbout

  10. but the reason it got such a busted signature move is because it's weak.

  11. game freak have a better move to a better pokémon. v create may drop your stats but victini is faster, stronger, tougher, and can actually use its coverage. so idk how this is game freak balancing it out.

  12. well Victini is a legendary or mythic or whatever they call them now so of course they want it to be busted

  13. ok but the dude isn’t even that strong as far as pokémon go, sure v create hurts but victini can’t do too much with moves not named v create, there’s a lot of pokémon that are stronger overall, darm g, palafin, dondozo(in doubles), idk why it being a mythical means tinkaton can’t be good

  14. Even before then, Jack was a winner, he only lost like 2 fights and people were freaking out

  15. it’s more that those two fights are the only ones he gets for several hundred chapters, so his placing went way down.

  16. All the gems including those 4 and below were brought back all they needed were the shards from earth and the memories from the ice berg on the moon that’s how they brought back antarcticite

  17. phos prayed everyone away though, which is what we’re talking about

  18. hey why did you want to kill the chief? i don’t see a reason for it

  19. SCP 3521 would be funny. He can swallow it, but it would dump 50+ million radioactive bananas into his stomach.

  20. he would be able to eat it,he would also survive it, just gotta feed him blood so he can regenerate

  21. I don't think he'd be able to eat the entirety of the Pentagon building. Even if he tried to do so little by little, we'd both probably die of old age before he managed to do so, so yeah. I'm keeping my money.

  22. fun theory, i don’t think it’s true, but a fun theory monetheless

  23. It's probably not true. Ichikawa may be the master of subversion. But... narratively speaking. It makes sense for life to find a new path, it has before in this world after all.

  24. i personally think that the rock being what it actually is (a living creature who is truly happy with just existing) is really cool thematically

  25. That actually raises another question, how do they keep up for the demand for class D? They must go through at least 100s per day.

  26. i mean it’s the entire world, there’s probably hundreds of death row inmates. also they aren’t going through hundreds a day. probably only a few hundred a month max

  27. And arceus has never destroyed a universe. You agree that there are stronger DC entities than the world forger, right? The world forger has performed arceus’s best feat many times over. The scale of the DC multiverse is much greater than Pokémon’s

  28. arceus has never destroyed a universe, but he made and controlled two dudes who could do exactly that and another dude who could beat both

  29. it made many dudes that could beat both of them. Kyurem probably one-shots palkia with freeze dry and the same goes with dialga and koraidon with collision course. Arceus isn't even the pokemon with the highest base stat total. Do you think superman has a base stat total lower than 720? Do you think The Presence even has a base stat total? The Presence wouldn't get captured by a puny master ball, I'll tell you that.

  30. pokémon being able to beat each other isn’t some huge magic thing though, it’s just anime logic

  31. Exactly. Once you get mending on your netherite stuff you pretty much never need netherite or diamonds again. Iron is used for a lot of things

  32. but you can already build a really good iron farm pretty easily, netherite is used in netherite blocks which just so happen to be really useful when you’re building, so infinite netherite is handy

  33. Yet again netherite blocks are only one block type. Iron can be used for bars, rails, minecarts, buckets, iron doors, iron trapdoors, etc. Late game it would be pretty pointless (good iron farm) but early/mid game it would be a godsend

  34. you can actually farm iron thoug, and it’s not that hard to get insane amounts of the stuff

  35. marry people, have a baby with them, then after murder them, people won’t stop dating you because you’re royalty 👍

  36. dude it’s so ducking funny to kill all your friends and all your family and the police just leave because you’re a duke

  37. Him having limitless is so pointless, why have an inferior character that is gonna have a ct that is also gonna be inferior in use? Plus why would gojo even let him copy his ct lol.

  38. i mean it’s a cool technique, so even if he can only barely use it, he could probably twist someone’s arm off or block an attack

  39. the problem is the fact that garou has insane durability, so he'd probably be able to tank enough punches for adam to lose his eyesight from his ability(just like with zeus). Also garou would just copy adam's ability and beat him since he doesn't have the limitations of a human body.

  40. you can’t survive a punch with infinite speed. because f=ma and if the a is infinite, you’re completely fucked

  41. bro are we really putting real life logic into this discussion?

  42. i think it’s the whole “wow theres someone being shitty in walmart.” thing that’s relatable

  43. Turns out being weak to the two most universally spammable types and U Turn/First Impression + having 2 resistances which aren't that good is really awful. Even the Fighting Resistance doesn't always help since Psychic Types usually have bad Defense (like Alakazam). It's a complete defensive liability; most Psychic Types would be better if they weren't Psychic Type (that includes mono-Psychic types having no type at all lmao)

  44. i mean we’ve always had good psychic types, stuff like celebi, metagross, tapu lele, alakazam, reunicleus. it’s just that when ghosts are really good youd really rather being immune to them rather than weak

  45. he’s a curse, they probably don’t have internal organs. he’s probably fine

  46. Tell that to Kuroushi 💀. As we saw in the fight with Yuta and Todo’s explanation on killing curses, headshots are extremely effective

  47. that’s cause yuta blasted his top half from existence,

  48. That doesn't make him anomalous, unless you want to say that the anomaly is somehow only expressed in the tech he makes. He has the suits carry other people (i.e. Pepper) and they function just fine. There's a difference between the fact that irl physics are being ignored for the sake of the movie, and assuming that that's because of anomalous properties of the characters.

  49. his tech is anomalous, and he’s full of it. there’s no way to remove every single nanobot

  50. SRA's would probably the foundations go to. And then more detailed security measures for every one of them. For Doctor Strange they would probably make sure he cant use his magic and on Wanda probably an come and a the SRA's. On Iron-Man just taking away his suit and he's good. Considering Peter Parkers personality, I don't think he would be a problem and would probably be put with the other low danger humanoids. Thanos taking away his Gauntlet and Thor just taking his Hammer and depending on how he acts, also maybe low danger humanoid but with guards at his cell and some SRA's and he'd be good to go too.

  51. you can’t contain thanos even without the gauntlet, my man was able to beat up on multiple dudes who could easily destroy entire cities (not in one hit, but if thor tried there’s basically nothing on earth he can’t break through (other than like uru and adamantium, which don’t exist in the scp verse).he’s gonna just break anything they have. so i think they’d have to kill him

  52. True, plus the water starter is fairly good and chilling water is a pretty viable replacement for scald if not quite as strong.

  53. chilling water is less game changing than scald, but it’s still good

  54. literally that fire stuff from the last book would instantly win this

  55. Fiendfyre. It would win, it keeps growing and burning anything in it's path. 20/10 Hogwarts

  56. legit just one person casts it and then the rest chill and use defensive spells to keep the dogs from actually getting to them, and bam, they win

  57. If you have membership, some rep boosts and an item with +50% rep, you can farm Super Fan Swag Tokens and merge them up to "As." Each Swag Token A nets you 30k rep each in that instance. All reps from good and evil to ravenloss are available. (Chronological releases, hasn't been updated in a few years now.)

  58. wait non members can farm d tokens? where??

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