1. Amount of people who are not medical who understand this ~0

  2. i havent encountered vomiting after vaccination either personally or professionally.

  3. Thank you. We stayed and she was prescribed Zofran. Dr. Didn’t seem too concerned about dehydration because she could still make tears.? We’re home now she has kept a bottle down an hour after taking Zofran. Thank you all for the encouragement to stay. I’m terrified of health care settings but just have to get the heck over that to care for my child.

  4. Glad she's okay. In a lot of the country it is unfortunately a scary time to be sick if you're little and we need to talk about it more.

  5. Needs medical attention. Urgent care, ER or primary care today

  6. can you take a less zoomed in picture?

  7. This is probably a suture abscess. See your surgeon. It's no biggie but it does need to be discussed with them

  8. uh.. you're not on blood thinners? why? yes this is ER worthy if it has not been evaluated more fully (vital signs, blood work, ekg etc)

  9. Is there a certain temperature that requires the ER no matter what? Or is it always symptom based?

  10. if unvaccinated, a fever over 104.5 is concerning but especially any fever in an unvaccinated child needs at least some consideration of a more serious cause but fevers over a certain degree in unvaccinated children only has been associated with increased risk of serious bacterial infections

  11. yes you should have re-evaluation. is the blood in your urine gone? fever? is it painful to pee? is there kidney stone on the other side?

  12. We had an excellent experience with Thomas Trades. They built a large deck in our backyard this summer. Not the cheapest but the team was extremely skilled and really elevated the overall design. We’re so happy with the final product!

  13. did they do interior work for you? they look like they do kitchen and baths primarily

  14. Wolf Construction hands down. They did a great job building a deck and pergola for me.

  15. Can you give contact info? there are like three wolf construction companies (wolf vs wolfe )

  16. Holy shit. I am not worthy. -EM doc

  17. I'm south of Wilmington and last week it had returned to most items shipping in around 2-3 days. This last week it jumped again to 4-5 days but I assumed it had to do with the larger volume of packages because of the upcoming holidays.

  18. Our risk management people have overseen a template for documenting more than curbside, less than patient encounter notes. They aren’t billable, but they are clear about the limitations of chart review for recommendations and disclaiming any doctor-patient relationship.

  19. has it ever been tested in court?

  20. amongst other things and regardless definitely ER worthy.

  21. How did you tie into the house

  22. Since reliability is your main aim you should go for the

  23. if still having pain and vomiting, back to the ED

  24. Amio contraindicated if you think there is an accessory pathway

  25. I usually get over there once a week or so, haven’t noticed it yet but maybe I’m missing it

  26. its there. personally think the cider at costco is better

  27. tcc1 says:

    So the first hospital didn't know what they were doing or wasn't sure and didn't want to cause further harm and got you to someone who did

  28. Funny thing is, nothing needs to change. Imagine wanting to eliminate a large amount of jobs because there’s a funky smell in the air a few times a year. Typical transient mentality.

  29. tcc1 says:

    Maybe some warning so the whole house doesn't smell like shit on a nice day to open your windows?

  30. Wind direction is your warning. Get used to it or continue to be dissatisfied. Wilmington has it good in terms of smell. Towns closer to the plant get it way worse. The inconvenience caused by the smell doesn’t outweigh the cost of the bio filters needed to prevent it. You accept the smell and you won’t even notice it when it comes around.

  31. tcc1 says:

    okay. or complain and ask them to fix their shit and be a good neighbor. i'll chose that option. appreciate your opinion. and my opinion of wilmington is not driven by a singular factor

  32. tcc1 says:

    you are conflating hyperthermia and heat exhaustion or ams + hyperthermia aka heat stroke with a non-environmental cause of hyperthermia (aka infection).

  33. "Riding on some types of roller-coaster is an effective way of removing kidney stones. This is the conclusion of research that has won this year's Ig Nobel Prize for Medicine. The US researchers who carried out the work recommend that those afflicted with the condition should regularly use the theme park attractions" So this is...fake?

  34. tcc1 says:

    you know what an ig nobel prize is, right? no there is no actual proof this works.

  35. It honours actual scientific research. But research that answers really weird questions. Like proving ostriches seem to be aroused by the presence of humans... Getting an ig nobel prize doesn't mean it's unscientific. One dude got both the ig Nobel and the actual Nobel prize!

  36. tcc1 says:

    this was a model of the GU system and not an actual patient study. the validity is certainly a question mark here.

  37. tcc1 says:

    bandage needs to be changed. can you take a picture of your wound once the bandage is off? may need to clean off some blood.

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