1. I think she is a symbolic representation of the last missing diary page (she CARRIEs a PAGE as her identity) that may or may not be related to Sarah and her part in Laura’s abuse. It would explain why she doesn’t remember Leland, but starts to have a bit of a crisis when Cooper mentions Sarah

  2. Part of the disconnect was that The Return was shot on digital and the original run was shot on film so that’s going to make a huge difference in how it looks right there. They also didn’t use, like you mentioned, that rosy-colored hue that the original run had so it’s definitely a bit jarring

  3. I loved The Return but the last 10 minutes of part 18 I was like "PLEASE LYNCH I NEED CLOSURE!!!"

  4. Watch Twin Perfect's Twin Peaks analysis videos on YouTube. There is closure, David Lynch literally gives you every single piece of information you need to form a complete story and plot from the show, just masked under 15 layers of symbolism and dream logic.

  5. That guy is so pompous. saying in the beginning of that 4 hour one that he wouldn’t be focusing on Mark Frost whatsoever pretty much invalidated his theory immediately since he and Lynch co-wrote The Return together.

  6. I remember thinking the second “Richard” enters the diner “well I don’t think we’re gonna find out what happened to Audrey.”

  7. Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins hits a lot of those points but be prepared for the gross way he talks about vaginas.

  8. I deliver furniture and I got to meet a few cool dogs today.

  9. Criterion knocked it out of the park with this one. Don't forget to watch The Missing Pieces!

  10. Saw it live for the first time last year and it made me cry.

  11. Hope I'm not disillusioning anything, but I remember hearing (from the script or novelization or something) that it was placed there by Josie, setting up her character as an instigator or something like that. (EDIT: She's paranoid Cooper is going to sniff out her criminal ties and involvement in her husband's supposed death. She ends up trying to kill him in the S1 cliffhanger.)

  12. My favorite theory is that it's actually Andrew living in the walls, briefly coming out to play pranks on Pete when he isn't looking.

  13. I honestly believe he was one of the very best characters on Twin Peaks. He brought pure soap opera vibes to a show that lifted a lot of tropes from that genre and he was charismatic and funny as hell.

  14. There are some scenes that Dick absolutely carries, pretty much anything involving Little Nicky and he’s so funny in the wine-tasting scene

  15. Looks like a window with drapes but who knows where it’s from

  16. Benjamin Horne saying “sometimes the urge to do bad is nearly overpowering” before taking a bite of his carrot

  17. The rumor is that Pete was supposed to be the one to fight Bob at the end of The Return, but after his death Lynch created Freddy’s character to take his place. Apparently the green glove storyline was supposed to have been similar even if it had been Pete doing the punching.

  18. I grew to appreciate this album more after hearing the 2019 remixes. I was able to hear stuff in the mix that was buried in 80s production on the original album. While I listen to the original mix, the remixes definitely gave me a new perspective

  19. I would have loved to see a brief scene of what Frost describes in The Final Dossier.

  20. Mark Frost in the books implies that Lodge entities don’t really look like they’re portrayed, but they are forms our minds give them because their true form is incomprehensible to us—think Lovecraft’s monsters or the spider form of Stephen King’s IT. I think it may be the Experiment manifesting briefly and Sarah’s mind masks its true shape with that of a horse.

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