1. Probably ought to keep your wits about you at city club too

  2. Oof. I mean, I figured we would be offered substances we don't want by overly zealous strangers. But, didn't know City Club had a reputation. Can you elaborate?

  3. OK mostly I'm just going by gut. It looks like where foot clan recruits. Or warriors could have been shot there or robocop, it's just a stereotypically sketchy place. But it is in a derelict building with no windows. There's a sign on the wall saying minors gotta pay extra for drinks. I haven't been there much or for a long time thouvh

  4. 2001 I lost my virginity and 9/11 happened. First year of high school. And there were already a bunch of Pokémon before that. So like who cares?

  5. "It's cold outside. It snowing cold. The winter has cold snow. Snow blows around in the cold wind in the winter. This winter though not the only one, is a cold winter with wind blowing cold snow. I hate riding a horse through the cold winter blowing wind snow. Snow blowing wind."

  6. It's the same color as when my phone is off

  7. If you worry about images getting burned into screens, you're too old to be living with your parents

  8. If you just take a breath and promise to be mad at conservatives again in 5 minutes, this actually funny


  10. Machts nichts. Five minutes ago doesn't exist. There is only now

  11. Definitely hot tub monkeys are the coolest monkeys

  12. Do those two keep getting bigger as she ages? Because damn...

  13. Yeah. Selma Hayeks boobs just keep getting bigger. It's awesome. Didn't even notice them in wild wild west. 30 Rock though? Good lord

  14. That was like the first video game I ever played and I was six or seven and I didn't get it and I never got that far.

  15. Could be free, I'm still not going anywhere near that guy

  16. It's clearly a hotdog 🌭

  17. You're the second person saying that...can u explain why?

  18. I was kidding. I thought what I said was so over the top stupid that no one would take it seriously. Someone said that hearnestly? No. I'm a plumber and no that's ridiculous

  19. Why would you try to sit on that? What is that doing to homeless people? Buddy this ain't a chair

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