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  1. I am not in this program but from people I know who are in the program/graduated, they usually recommend not to go into it unless you are truly passionate about it. The job market kinda sucks here in Canada for Aero peeps (unless u can get into bombardier). Feel free to pm me :)

  2. adv functions was 99 and calc was 100

  3. no sorry, it has been a while lol

  4. My vet required a cat diet. I asked how much to feed my Maine Coon and he said only 1/2 cup of Science Diet Metabolic food per day. That’s nothing! But the best thing I did was buy an automatic feeder. It’s set for 1/8 cup four times a day. He’s lost close to three pounds. He’s always hungry, but never bugs me for food anymore since it’s the feeder that feeds him.

  5. HI, do you have the link to the automatic cat feeder?

  6. Hey! could you share a list of pros/cons of the program? Thanks :)

  7. Hey! My brother is planning to apply to CS BBA. Do you mind sharing some of the pros/cons

  8. About the syllabi: turns out I can't upload files to Reddit, if you could PM me with an email I can send them there.

  9. hi! would it be possible for you to send me your 2A course syllabus? Thanks

  10. yep, no problem at all. some years i got my second choice but overall it wasn't a big deal to keep living here.

  11. Hey, for getting into waterloo specifically AFM do we have to write an entrance essay? Or any sort of paragraph? (Also, I have just started my LinkedIn so is it ok if I connect w/ you?)

  12. Ah is see, thanks, so our school does this waterloo math contest are they considered as anything during my application? And if you know- do the marks matter for it (mark in math contest)?

  13. For AFM, I don't think so tbh. It always helps to do them and include them in your AIF but they are not mandatory for your program.

  14. I totally feel you. My g12 was hectic as well. Even though I had 2 spares, I spent a lot of time on scholarship applications. Just take it a day at a time and ask for help. I built a good relationship with all my teachers and think that helped a little lol

  15. Ye it did help a lot tbh. Although uni exams are much harder and intimidating, HS exams still prepared me for it. I wish I had a normal g12 year but cause of covid, we didn't have any exams, which messed all of us 1st years in uni. BUT, I did a bunch of in-person uni exams and feel more confident now!!

  16. So my friends have been really supportive of my keto journey... I've lost 42lb on keto since June and am feeling and starting to look great. I feel like my friends are getting to the point where my diet and eating habits are starting to stress on our friendship. There are little sly comments regarding our inability to go to certain places to eat etc. I've said I'll happily come along and order a salad or a couple of starters as mains but I still feel an odd vibe...

  17. U lost 42lbs in 3 months? Wow I hope for the same results haha. I’ve dropped a few pounds from intermittent fasting but I just started keto this week

  18. I mean navigator is pretty much useless anyways for cs coop anyways from what I have heard. Unless you want business focused coops, most good coop placements will come externally.

  19. that is true, I am not in CS but I found all my co-ops so far on my own. It is actually a better process lmao

  20. nope, I had 3 spares and am in Waterloo now

  21. Unless you are applying to Engineering, Waterloo doesn't care much. I doubt UofG cares tbh, it's only Waterloo and that's mainly for eng and CS

  22. It's better to go than not tbh. I had a lot of fun even when it was online lol

  23. Do you have an update on your experience? Just got mine today and hadn’t read these threads..now very nervous about possible weight gain and other side effects! (thank you to OP for sharing the positive experience, though!)

  24. Hey! so sorry for the late reply but my experience has been great so far. I did a one-year check a while back and realized that I have PCOs. The IUD has been helping with the PCOs and it has been great! I never get my period and don't feel any different than before. I did gain weight but I think that is mainly due to the PCOs and the stress of starting university. Hope this helps and feel free to share how ur experience has been so far :)

  25. I just bought 😂 i was so impulsive. I’ll let you know how it is as soon as I’ve received and tried them

  26. Your school board will inform you at the beginning of the year but I think there will most likely be exams

  27. I’ve a referral code from Weathsimple which provides $75 to anyone who signs up. You can withdraw the cash to your bank account after 5 days. If anyone’s interested, please let me know:)

  28. Is a mini fridge necessary for cmh? Idk if I should buy one or not

  29. It’s not necessary but it would be very convenient to put stuff like a Brita filter and food since the Caf isn’t open 24/7

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