1. I like trade tokens on the wheel but I always make sure I have sent out trades before spinning so that I don't hit the 5 max if I get tokens on the wheel. Getting more trade tokens saves me watching 3 ads, which is worth a lot more to me than 8000 coins. I do a lot of trading and those ads combine into way too much time

  2. It's worth a fusion ingredient rare, nothing more. If you are very lucky, someone will offer a bit more because they are trying to build the fusion it belongs in (Zeus i think) or the crafted card that it is in. So I don't know what you're seeing, but you are not going to get a mythic (or even anything limited probably) for your spares.

  3. I thought that the disparity in value between a rare fusion ingredient and a mythic, in combination with the Atlantis > Planet X bit, was enough to make it obvious that it was a joke.

  4. Spoil it, that's the point. But you can spoil at the end of the post.

  5. it's not urgent, don't panic. That Norse pack is in store for several days. Take your time to think about it. I don't have an opinion as it depends what you have and are missing. Have a look at all the cards in the Norse collection and work out what proportion are ones you want.

  6. yep, though I often counter to make it fair so they get the cards they want as I also worry that they will think they are not paying enough and offer an even bigger overpay to someone else!

  7. As a new player I wanted the coins. After playing enough months I'd prefer the trades. I'm not liking having to watch ads to make a trade offer that will not necessarily even be accepted.

  8. you get the token back if the trade is refused (or you cancel it) so one thing i often do is send trades in batches using up the tokens, then wait for an hour and cancel the ones that aren't going anywhere

  9. that's annoying, I would much rather have trade tokens

  10. yes, if you will use Demon. If not, trade Sif for something you will use - not high value as the new gem pack format means there's lots FT

  11. it's a fair offer value wise but I wouldn't take it unless you want some of those cards. Immunotherapy is not even used in ppt ramp decks. Laser Sword is fairly low value, but it gets occasional play. So it depends if you will use any of hte cards you are being offered.

  12. If you're wanting to keep the same general deck and just update it to keep down how much to chase, swap out Amber Room (which is valuable due to scarcity so you could trade it high) and put in one of the new good history cards - Night Attack or Rat King probably. Tankette is pretty weak, possibilities are plutonium (basic so easy, if you have the energy) or antimatter or chrono gun or jet car

  13. I am guessing this is a joke, everyone with Olympus Mons should know the value of it. There are a lot of newbies on this subreddit, all jokes should be clearly labelled as such so that newbies don't get confused. How would you feel if one of your jokes meant that someone traded away something good for some rubbish card like Sea Cucumber or Capybara (both of those have actually happened)

  14. Olympus Mons is the highest level-up award. It is the most valuable card in the game. Why would anyone trade that away for a limileg

  15. special packs during olympics i think, there were a few different ones

  16. That's really cool. When we were playing I was hoping it meant you were a dev, I really want the I beat a dev avatar lol.

  17. that's a special event. For a day, all the devs get beaten up by players for several hours. They have only done it once, about 6 monhts ago. But the intent was to do it again, they just got busy. Maybe early next year? I will suggest it

  18. sometimes they are new players themselves and don't understand. For example, the Bendy Straw collector may have given them a good deal on Bendy Straws to help them out, and now they thin, that card is actually valuable so they are offering to you what they think is valuable

  19. My rule of thumb is that spotlight is worth buying if at least two of the featured limilegs are ones you want. Average is 250 gems per limileg, which is good, but you don't want something horrible. There's no horrible in that, but it's not as good as the last couple. It's borderline for me

  20. yep, level-up packs are the only ones known to have boosted mythic odds

  21. I didn't realise you were racing someone. I will watch ads for you. Got any fusion mats?

  22. yes, that is definitely worth taking. Black Dog is new so a lot of the value is scarcity and it is coming down as more are pulled. You are being offered 4x mythics that are useful and have stable values.

  23. take it - Night Attack is a really useful card (cycle to pull on first turn of the round) and Supersoldier decent as well. That is a great offer for a slightly scarce but not particularly playable card

  24. Just got the Planet x out of a 4000 gold coin pack. I play for 4 days now and i don´t know how hard it is to pull a mythic because i pulled 3 already.i just got an offer for planet x ( Gryphon, Nazca Lines, The flying Dutschman, Facial Reconstruction

  25. Planet X is still the highest value mythic. It's also very playable so maybe worth keeping. That offer is a little low but not outrageous, if you wanted to break up your Planet X, counter and take out the Facial Reconstruction (which is worth nothing really) and ask for another mythic that you like (not Archangel or Black Dog as they are higher value)

  26. Mythics have a chance of dropping in any pack that has random basics as the filler. The problem with your approach is that those packs don't have anything else of interest. They are fine when you're brand new and just needing to go for quantity over quality, but you are better off with the 3000 coin packs (this week is Going Underground).

  27. Asked general questions about the game and cards, questions on how they felt about the values 9f cards and what they thought they were worth. Nothing to extensive as this is just a blind "study". It falls in line with many other pay-to-play games with microtransactions and pay walls. It seems to create a level of addiction, which, in turn, helps to drive up pricing of certain cards unnecessarily. Addiction can create a lot of issues with the person playing and the game. We have already seen governments take action against in-game loot crate because of the gambling like effect due to the drop rates being in favor of the spending and not the player. I currently have no way to test this, but I believe drop rates increase in this game the more real money you spend. I don't believe the Myhtic drop rate of .0003% (if I remember correctly) at all. When you pull 3 myhrics back to back after spending real cash on gems, it leaves me to believe that real money spent increases these rates. As I said, I have no way of knowing this for sure unless I had access to the code.

  28. or, you know, those of us who pay money spend it here instead of going to movies, partying or whatever it is you do for fun. Older players have more money. Did you actually ask questions about addiction, like whether spending on CUE leads to financial hardship? And stating your belief about drop rates as part of a pseudo-scientific study is how fake news happens.

  29. And the cry for proof of common knowledge is the cry of someone who truly doesn't care if you gave them the info or not. It's sad that people can't tell the difference between opinions and fact, as my post was an opinion based on my approach, kid, on my experiences. But my questions are valid and solid. Questions that psychologists are working on.

  30. oh boy are you off base. I am not a kid. In fact, I am a university lecturer in sociology. You posted this titled "Sociology Study on CUE" and presented it as a "blind study" as if it was scientific and then presented your speculation about drop rates in the same post.

  31. Nostradamus is currently a bit higher value because of self lock decks but demand is running out. Night Attack is much more playable. Losing a little value, getting a much better card.

  32. sort of. The value is definitely there and playability of the cards you are being offered is good (except Mamba). But I tend to keep mythics to trade for other mythics, so unless you specific want one or more of those cards for your deck, I wouldn't take it

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