1. Technically any drug you choose to use the first time would be your gateway drug; alcohol too

  2. God sorry I'm in such a hurry, but I think i know what your talking about. your cross hairs are red until your your bullets make the target, otherwise you missed. At least, it's obvious with the BR doing weapons drills, it may have something to do with the burst not sure

  3. ....Instead of heat limit switch this furnace just floods itself in case of an emergency lol .

  4. Lol that's an amrad too, helluva blown cap... Lol.. did the fan motor and compressor make it out alive?

  5. Ahh I don't give a shit... Toss em the bad cap and have them test it with the meter.. gotta build trust over time.. I just try remember not to curse like a sailor around the homeowner...

  6. Is it cool if I curse like a sailor around techs?

  7. Lol why not..... I just see Ricky from trailer park boys. "We will get her fixed up no worries ".. bangbang fuckinggg Jesus Christ goddamn piece of shit!!!! I'm bleeding everywhere!! FUCK**

  8. Go to the lease office, who is in charge? That's the landlords responsibility.. Right?

  9. Everything is basically regurgitated levitical rites Any system involving blood sacrifice but doesn't properly address atonement for sins.. redundant beyond all means and unoriginal.. .. the satanic panic of the 80s makes no damn sense man.. satan would not advocate for your atonement, if anything he hated blood sacrifices, if he is our true adversary.... But the whole thing overall is obsolete, no more ritual or sacrifice necessary.. just speak to god

  10. Oh don’t worry, the republican nominee will be Desantis. We’re screwed because Desantis has been paying attention and learning from all of Trump’s mistakes.

  11. Yeah and he can be all the trump policies but like with no trump... DeSantis ... And just his name alone.. just his last name alone is the perfect way to bury the past... Then I worry for the people who don't ...

  12. Can you you find local government M.A.T for substance use disorder? M.A.T stands for medication assisted therapy. You should follow a 7 day standard detox protocol under the supervision of a doctor and team of nurses. You can go into longer outpatient therapy through references they give you there or just go home afterwards and like.. do it all over again if you want

  13. I don't buy it .I have never seen a 2 1/2 ton even designed with coils for more than 450psi max

  14. Well you are not wrong. That's what they are rated for. But yes it's a 2 1/2 ton Bryant

  15. Hahaha ok ok.... The real conversation is... Did u vent it... Or uh... You know....he he ha ha ha... Nah I'm just fucking around.... If you takes scales around to do service you have assume every system is... Charged incorrectly anyways so.. uh.. I'm .. wasting time (:

  16. I watch the kid one time, we didn't have very many black people in town, and it's like third grade. Anyways there's this new black kids at the school and Jeff asked one of them if it was fun being black? what's it like being black?

  17. Dude those fucking things... We fucking ended up having a Fujitsu rep or engineer, someone come out there to see what the fuck was happening. The systems were all randomly failing for NO reason and it took almost a week...... The damn wind was blowing those things and making them spin backwards, and when the DC current motor kicks in it just spins the fan whatever way the wind was already blowing it....

  18. Right . Always remember, while hallucinogens are similar in chemical structure to alot of the amphetamines and amphetamine derivatives, and stims in general... You guys know what I'm saying, hallucinogens are usually.. uh.. uppy... But don't forget, amphetamine does not directly induce visual hallucinations but rather the lack of sleep is what does it in a round about way. I can't remember what you said you were taking but I know some.. uh.. cooks.. who have .. misshapenly whipped up batch of like MDA or MDMA or something like really close just off a bit.. one time I had some stuff that was making orgasm when I took a hit... Ecstasy.. can kind of cause the visuals.. your pupil's are obviously saucers or so I imagine... Drink some water ! Good look fellow psychonaut

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