1. Bail. Bail hard and fast. She is lying to you and you care too much to see it. Everyone on this thread is reading those texts without bias and telling you she’s lying.

  2. I love this. I think adoption for most devs will be slow because the JS dev community typically is not concerned with speed or the benefits of strict typing at the low level as much as Rust or C++.

  3. FeathersJS. Meant to be a microservice API framework. It’s like express on steroids, but not as complex as Nest and better suited than Next

  4. Check out Featherjs, particularly the newest version. They’re doing some interesting stuff with knex and single-source type safe schemas. May give you a good idea how to. collapse down a schema into a multi-use, single-source definition.

  5. Prisms uses a DSL. Not everyone wants that. Prisma generates .sql for migrations… which prevents complex js logic from being used. You have to recode it in SQL.

  6. The problem is the dual meaning of sensitive: 1) capable of detecting small impacts 2) overreacting to small change.

  7. That doesn't track. The decision - if it gets that far - will be to not throw out any votes at all.

  8. The decision will be whether a governor can appoint someone where results are not certified. On its face it looks legit… but when you use decertification as a mechanism to shift authority to the governor… every purple county that swings blue in a red governor state will have precedence that a governor appointed replacement is legitimate until results are certified… possibly never.

  9. Vanilla JS can be pretty powerful in the right context. You can do some pretty amazing stuff with vanilla JS in a serverless Node context. Manipulation of the DOM can be tiresome which is why Jquery was so powerful.

  10. YES! Me too. I realized in 5th grade that I was not normal with "people stuff," so I got involved in theater. Then my special interest became movies. The combo of the two helped me mask for ~20 years before someone diagnosed me. When I say "Yeah I performed in a lot of shows..." they immediately think I'm lying about the diagnosis. Little do they know that Masking is basically method acting as an NT version of yourself.

  11. Hmm this is interesting. I'm getting ready to hire my first employee next year and I was thinking about providing them with equipment that they ultimately get to keep as a form of a signing bonus. Sounds like this may be a bad idea where the computer is concerned. Going to have to look into this more.

  12. Better to buy it and claim the depreciation on the business’s taxes. Then if there’s something important on the computer after an layoff or firing, you won’t have any trouble claiming the computer is yours. Once you’ve cleaned it, you can let the employee keep it. Better to own it throughout employment and give it away than to risk them walking away with core IP or customer data. At the end, it’s the same result, but reduced risk.

  13. Yeah it'll just be a royal pain because the employees will be fully remote.

  14. You should look up Apple's Small Business program. They'll do the MDM setup and ship new eqpt for you as part of the purchase.

  15. Pizza on the left would never be rendered that way. Restaurants would not submit a pizza with a transparent edge and shadow. They'd provide a simple image.

  16. Maybe if I allow the option to self-host or export to code, would it be a great option then?

  17. Api code generator? That could work.

  18. Yeah I think GCS is all one folder storage per project. The buckets are a facade over the folder namespace so it may not be designed to do costs. But if you can output the folder size of each bucket that’ll give you a good proxy. If you need per bucket ingress and egress and you are deleting and writing a lot of data you probably need logs for that.

  19. $50M with a $0.5 strike price means 100M shares outstanding. 10k/100M is 0.0001 or 0.01% so you have the option to one day buy and own one ten thousandth of the company.

  20. FeathersJs is database agnostic and returns a universal schema structure for all DBs so that swapping a db behind the scenes is easy.

  21. I'm going to suggest that this doesn't really answer OP's question. Yes, FeathersJS supports different databases, but that's not it's main purpose. It's a web framework that provides an entire stack. As part of that, it's going to have a fairly opinionated approach to the API and DB schema. (See also: Ruby on Rails.)

  22. Well there will always be an abstraction layer. Some ORMs can map between two dbs but most ORMs are most flexible because they map to a family of dbs (Knex is great for sql ie Sqlite, postgres, msssql, redshift, etc. but it NoSQL). Each of these has particular nuances regarding connection pooling, throughput, error codes, query formats, etc. So a good use of a multi-tool ORM will inevitably require either changing the code OR adding additional abstraction. It can’t be avoided. The question is what does that abstraction look like.

  23. You’re looking at either a DSL or complex regex. If you can confidently say users don’t need brackets or curly braces, then just use regex.

  24. This post contains my learnings on session vs token-based authentication. JWT token-based approach is pretty popular and is the go-to for Node.js applications nowadays. I personally use it almost every time. From what I've learned, the hard-to-revoke nature of tokens can get tricky for user-facing applications. And even though we have workarounds like having a revocation store, it cannot be completely relied upon. This flowchart wonderfully highlights the issues with the token-based approach –

  25. The only question is this: does revocation need to be instantaneous or eventual? If it needs to enforced instantaneously, then it must be stateful, storing that state can be done in lots of ways. Eventual revocation means a auth/refresh token timeout is acceptable and then jwt is the easiest mechanism.

  26. Right. Stateful looks like the way to go if instant revocation is a requirement. Then, I'd assume the biggest concern becomes making the stateful session store HA. What if that store becomes unresponsive (or goes down)? I feel there's nothing other than force logout every user?

  27. If the stateful session store goes down, it shouldn't necessarily logout users, but it will prevent any transactions from authenticating. It's the difference between a request returning a 500/504 error vs a 401. A 401 error is a positive confirmation of a terminated session, which means the client should actively close out the interaction (to make the user experience good). A 500/504/429 error code would tell the client that something is at least temporarily failing on the server side, so you might show a spinner while saving, but not close out the page.

  28. As the business grows, your job will be more and more of the leadership, public speaking, motivational speaking, and board presentation work. You may consider making a new role for yourself that is permanently hands on keyboard like Chief Scientist or chief of R&D where you get a small team and budget to do high risk high reward projects. Then you can bring in a CTO who wants to do the mgmt and speaking stuff.

  29. If you’re going to have a feed of updates, you will need to work out that query EARLY. That and network search with auth. It will be the hardest part to scale. Postgres and Redis are good choices. Nest will work, but you may consider breaking up some of the search or feed services into separate code from the core. If posts and search are restricted by auth, then you DEFINITELY want to move auth outside of your core as it’s own service.

  30. If you notice slowdown in you app, you can positively ID the AR generated query as the cause of the slowdown, and you know enough to write a better query in raw SQL, then you should do that.

  31. Design on the left relies on contrast and images that are not predictable given the variety of music. It would fall apart from a UX perspective pretty quickly. Delineate the buttons / icons from image background more directly.

  32. Haters I agree. I just wish we could have them hate a little more to see what the hate is all about. Probably they know something more than us.

  33. I’ll bite. Please don’t kill me for trying to be honest. So I’ve used PHP, Node, Python, and Ruby in prod stacks on prem, in early cloud, and now full microservice cloud native K8s. From a Jr dev now through CTO at Series-A+ companies. I’ve learned a lot, mostly from seeing simple projects scale poorly because of the habits of the devs or ecosystem or the opinions baked into the framework. And that’s the key. It’s not the things people decide to do with Ruby… it’s the things that are easier letting someone else decide as part of the tooling.

  34. harold and Harold. It was confusing at first, but they're not sensitive.

  35. Do you disagree with the other commenter's post that gives a source? I'm not trying to be a dick... I just see people quoting tweets all of the time, so I am skeptical.

  36. If you cite the user and are using the comments to spur conversation, then it falls under fair use (is transformative/commentary/criticism). Just because the user has a copyright, doesn't mean you can't talk about it without their permission. You just have to make commentary ABOUT the original comment. Plus, copyright only extends to comments in so far as they represent a creative work of some sort - that includes being a witty turn of phrase, but not a common or simple phrase or list etc. Summaries of comments can also count as commentary/transformative work because they are not the comments "word for word."

  37. So, if I quote a redditor, I need to use their username?

  38. it makes it easier to claim that your quote is in the context of a criticism or discussion and therefore transformative. If you just read the quote, it's more likely to be construed as passing that work off as your own words, which is not protected by fair use. Fair use rules are very squishy, but I think saying "Reddit user snapchat_my_dog says..." is simple enough, provided you aren't just reading off funny comments but making some commentary ABOUT them.

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