1. having the playoff bracket in one day makes the most sense imo given the other options unless you add a day, not sure why there's so much backlash against it. time zones are what they are, will always be an issue with an international event - US viewership will obviously way, way down, but that's just the way it goes.

  2. Overall happy enough with the teams EU are sending to the Major. An in-form BDS would have really bolstered the roster and I would have loved a Vitality appearance, but it is what it is. There are at least 3 EU teams capable of winning the Major imo, and a 4th if Moist can get it together.

  3. Liquid?? A team who can only beat 9-16 teams and a warn out Kc?? Moist??? Really??? With (tilt)ZTRAL? Kc prolly can win though. I don’t see it against a stacked na though. (Grand finals, but they lose)

  4. Liquid peak on a mentally finished team and they inspire confidence? They’ve been mid all split long.

  5. Which ceiling. The one they haven’t shown since spring regional 3? Why would I trust them to bring that to Rotterdam.

  6. Yes but there is a large portion of viewers that would much prefer to see players' car designs over the org decals

  7. I don't think, so over the past couple of years there have a been a few polls and discussion posts and the majority of commenters prefer not having forced decals

  8. the viewership is much more than those select few interacting with polls on this subreddit (and is why psyonix will absolutely mandate team decals at some point in the future)

  9. Yeah, psyonix should just print more money.

  10. It does seem to be that way sadly. I think it’s just going to turn more people away from watching the casts. I have certainly watched less games this season, or opted to go on watch parties because I would rather not be getting shouted at all the time.

  11. UE5, interactive viewing, more teams at both majors and worlds. i don't have any huge issues with the current seasonal format as i don't see many better options unless you want to get rid of a split/major (doesn't make much sense to me since we're already starved of inter-regional play)

  12. Eh they are obviously good, but not world class in my opinion

  13. Lol, being the best on a mid tier team doesn't make you top 5 of your region...

  14. Funny how EU sent some B tier players and some how they’re running NA. Imagine if they sent their finest? This is like NA sending comm and sypical and them dominating.

  15. Psychopaths is a massive stretch. Obviously people sympathise with jstn but there comes a point where he should just take time off to care for himself instead of always resorting instantly to twitter. It won't end well for him

  16. Demo fans: Demos and bumps are good for the game because they clear space and make offense easier!!!

  17. No hate to gen.g but how do they get away with being huddle Around eachother constantly?

  18. G2 didn't make a single adjustment that whole series and tbh they don't seem equipped to adjust much anyway

  19. well, the 5 major teams look about right to me...would've assumed furia over geng going into the season, but overall nothing too surprising with the quals

  20. chronic is so insane, legit think he's been the strongest player on GenG (close 2nd to jack)

  21. crr didn't look like he belonged on the pitch that series tbh, looks like the weakest player on complexity by a mile right now

  22. crazy because he was by far the strongest at the start

  23. people (johnny) were legitimately calling KRN/rule one a top 8 team in the world after a single regional...insanity

  24. Do you mind editing or deleting your comment implying KC fans were the ones starting the booing towards Comm ?

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