1. The elementary schools in the Christina District are fine. The public schools are tuition free. They have minor dress codes, mostly looking reasonably groomed and not wearing stuff with offensive logos. for a grade school girl there are Brownies troops and other social activities. As she gets to about age 8 or 9, the schools offer music programs. Instruments are usually rented in the early grades, then purchased later when commitment to continuing with it is better assured. For the most part, access to places of worship, even for the Eastern religions, with related religious education for a youngster is mostly accessible.

  2. You can also look at places NOT in Delaware. PA has some good school districts within driving distance. Depending on how long you are planning on being here, there are some good grade schools. Middle and high school get a little more questionable.

  3. Is your child able to be with you on most days? How long is the drive?

  4. Previous generations paid for that. I don’t think people realize that wealth, freedom, ability to have a comfortable upbringing comes from the effort parents put when they were young building that wealth, going to school, and the same going back further generations.

  5. They are willing to pay in the same way your previous generations did. They are coming to work also. Just like your previous generations did. However, they are not being given the opportunity either...

  6. "They come to work" yet 2/3 of the Syrian immigrants Germany allowed in are still unemployed.

  7. Let them starve to death then. That's not your responsibility.

  8. I'm telling you that they are not. Perhaps in your country but here in the US there is no guarantee. Many of our private schools are merely adequate and many of our public schools are great. Call me a poor if you want but don't call me a liar.

  9. Private vs. public are not directly comparable anywhere.

  10. This is impressive level of retardedness....

  11. I mean no harm in trying. This is retarded behavior. She clearly kept pushing it in till it was beyond redemption…

  12. Are you really that dense? Expand your worldview beyond democrats and republicans. Black and white.

  13. It's not your job to help. He is a grown man.

  14. Girls and guys live very differently. It will be messy. College is hard enough as it is. Don't make it harder for yourself.

  15. But PhDs have ALWAYS been called doctors. I don't understand why this is an issue.

  16. It just escalates. Break and move on.

  17. Because his target employees are not even looking for office jobs. He knows that to get eyeballs, he has to list as remote.

  18. Imagine switching their bodies. Would Sachin still be as successful with Walsh’s body? Would Wash still be able to deliver that pace and take so many wickets with Sachin’s build? lol

  19. Sachin will probably be even more successful (Though I don't know what that will entail). Tall batsman can usually hit harder.

  20. taller players usually have slower reflexes, it would affect Tendulkar's batting if he had Walsh's reflexes

  21. How much interest are you expecting?

  22. According to Bank FD intrest rate, 1L for 90 days gives like 1200rs interest

  23. If the bank manager is offering it out of her own pocket, just take it. Why must it be from the institution?

  24. Unfortunately, if you and your parents failed to bond with him in his formative years, it's not going to get easier over time.

  25. I watched a video by a doctor who told people:

  26. Needle in a haystack…. And radiation ☢️ power decreases dramatically with distance; which is called the inverse square law.

  27. So, its not really dangerous except for very young kids or idiots?

  28. No, it’s bad to anyone if you pick it up and hold on to it for a few hours…

  29. Why would you do that though? Who picks up a random capsule on the street and then holds it for a few hours? Either has to be a kid or an idiot right?

  30. If he simply showed the receipt, none of this would have happened. Sometimes, I don't understand people. What was there to hide?

  31. Look for an elder lady in the family and ask her to get you married. Mom, aunt, grandma, anybody will do.

  32. In Indian societies, women cannot just leave. Let her be.

  33. Who is going to do something about it?

  34. I mean, yeah, she should have been more careful. However, why is he physically assaulting a police officer? What was the best case scenario?

  35. Accept the job but keep applying aggressively. Put food on the table but don't limit yourself.

  36. As others say I would contact the bank to see if they can expedite their decision, but reneging isn’t unheard of. Yes, you will likely get blacklisted from that firm but if you don’t want to work for that firm in the future I don’t think it’s a huge deal. Have had friends do this with internships and full time offers and nothing happened besides ruining relationship with the original firm they reneged on.

  37. The ruined relationship isn't even permanent.

  38. "While I was excited to join your firm, unfortunately, there is an emergency in the family and I will no longer be able to travel to xyz place as I have to remain near family. I apologize and hope I will have the opportunity to work again with your firm in the future."

  39. Did you volunteer to take them to the doctor? Can you just tell him, "I am going to take them to the doctor" and take them?

  40. I would but I live far away and only visit a few times a year. I am sure finances play some aspect into why he has avoided taking them, and I’ve thought maybe I should offer to pay for them to go if he will just take them in.

  41. You should offer. A single dad of four cannot have much excess money.

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