1. Link to the Past link paid 500 rupees for those damn flippers and he is going to get his money's worth. Also the Seagull was Marin getting her wish of leaving the island, as long as you beat the game without dying.

  2. Wait... This ending only happen if you finish the game without dying? I always assumed that this was the only ending (yes, I never died in Link's Awakening).

  3. The ending is the same except for the Marin implication if you die.

  4. and you can be close with someone without marrying.

  5. But that still does not change the fact that he said you can not know for sure if you have never been married

  6. that's true. and irrelevant. why should i try something that doesn't even interest me? what does interest me most, is my maximum freedom.

  7. Completely relevant.. whether you are interested is irrelevant. You still do not know without having tried it. Guy just pointed out that you technically can not know without trying something and you tried to justify why marriage is worthless instead of acknowledging that.

  8. it’s not officially diagnosed but my hands get super fucking itchy when holding coins

  9. There are far too many people that believe they should be paid maximum wages for bare minimum work. There are definitely good hard workers too, but they are being outnumbered more and more each day.

  10. Paradise by the dashboard light by Meatloaf

  11. Ok we got a real pressure cooker going on here....

  12. hay girl haaayyyyy 💅🏻🏳️‍🌈

  13. I grew up with a father and uncle with a sassy voice so I think nothing of it. Lol

  14. I also enjoy sandwiches served by this guy's naked wife

  15. Yea they did buy Rare a long time ago and I know they’re working on a new Perfect Dark game I’m hoping that will be fun and Forza Horizon is a fun franchise but it’s not even close that’s just a couple games. High on Life is fun too but compared to Playstation and Nintendo they don’t have enough IP’s to stay competitive with exclusives. They couldn’t even deliver a launch title exclusive for the Series X/S consoles but gamepass is definitely a draw for them.

  16. It is always a bad sign when your exclusives are just old games you bought from a competitor...

  17. And when you send out a survey asking if your customers are done with Halo infinite which is the biggest exclusive you have. I’m not anti Xbox I play Xbox too but that was rough to see.

  18. I also own an xbox, but I agree it is losing big time. All of its good games are also on PS, and some are even in the Switch. The Xbox is in my son's room while the PS5, Switch's, and PCs are in the living room.

  19. I grew up playing them. There is a lot of nostalgia for me personally.

  20. 2d and 3d Mario are very different in how they present the challenges. Both fun, but both different

  21. There is an area in South Kansas City called the Waldo area.

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