1. Quando eu sai de lá estava temendo pela minha vida, especialmente por me stalkearem

  2. A denúncia que fiz foi anônima pelo telefone cerca de 1 ano depois, não sei o quanto o ministério levou a sério, mas dizia que combatiam trabalhos análogos a escravidão, e já começa com as privações, eu acho que era análogo sim.

  3. Podia dizer q sofreu perseguição, foi colocado em outra função, pra barrar seu trabalho, etc. Nem podia sair pra comer.

  4. he have land and money, but he walks with what he likes.

  5. its on the right side, inside the bank of valdraken.

  6. Apparently dozens of people called 911 according to the police. The kids had only walked 4 houses down from home when the police picked them up. Something is very wrong here. No way dozens of people called.

  7. I remember painstaking enchanting and gemming my gear to get to 102.4% Avoidance. It was a pain but once there it was beautiful. Nothing touched me in dungeons. My scrolling combat text was all blue Dodge Dodge Parry Block Block Parry on and on lol anyway what were we talking about? lol

  8. Heeey. Just asking... For a friend, how did you do that?

  9. Hit rating determined whether you missed or not. It was a chore to get hit capped so you didn't miss.

  10. Ik. I staryed this part of the tred. XD

  11. the 3/13 depends on the lv of the dgs you are doing. if you dont go higher, it will stay the same.

  12. gotcha so is it possible to get a tier piece that is upgrade lvl 3 ilvl 385 and then find the same tier piece later that is upgrade lvl 3 ilvl 395?

  13. https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/68847-the-item-level-of-loot-from-mythic-and-the-great-vault-in-dragonflight-season-1/

  14. you need to do m+20 in order to get the best gear in the vault. or rading mythic for the chance of tier from latest bosses.

  15. idk. it seems like everything were disigned to right hand people. and you are 'different'.

  16. about part 2: if you die twice before getting the stygia from the 1st death, you lose what was on the 1st body.

  17. you can use alt and ctrl instead of so many shifts.

  18. when you use it, it can proc anything, sockets, avoidance, leech, speed pr indestruction, or nothing.

  19. you missunderstud the question. its not 'what you want to happen, or if shouldnt people be doing something about the subject'.

  20. That's my point. What change do you think people are hoping for when they post or comment, and is it actually happening?

  21. Ah. I see now. People can be outraged even when thry are powerless to do anything. Its in their nature.

  22. and then the cat said 'meaw turn to your right'

  23. You can still talk with people. But if the problem can be solved with an automated system then it will be to reduce ticket times for everyone else

  24. I've opened 11 tickets in thr past 5 years. All of them were at 1st "chrck this guide", when i stated that i alread had seem guides everywhere, even linked it. Or it was "there is nothing we can do". Talking to people who dont give 2 shits or are unable to do anything besides saying "though luck" dosent help. :c

  25. nope. its just giving them a plataform to express themselves. (aka showing how stupid they are. its not increassing the stupidit. its just showing where it is).

  26. it should work, but keep in mind that sub is now 2 months and will be a hassle to sub and unsub constantly.

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